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Plan your 2024 Triathlon Vacation with Roadsurfer

We discover the Roadsurfer headquarters in Europe for 2024

In 2024, we invite you to explore a unique way to combine your sporting passions with the pleasure of traveling and exploring new destinations, all thanks to the possibilities it offers. Road surfers, leader in camper rentals in Europe focused on the athlete.

Imagine the freedom of traveling unknown paths, participating in international triathlon events and, at the same time, enjoying an unforgettable vacation outdoors with your family and/or your team.

Also thanks to the agreement with Triatlón Noticias, you will be able to get €100 discount on your camper reservation with the code: TRIATLON100 for reservations longer than 5 days


Recommended Destinations

Sweden (Kalmar):

This destination is a favorite among Spanish triathletes, thanks to its fast circuit and cozy atmosphere.

Participating in IRONMAN Kalmar is not only a test of endurance, but also an opportunity to enjoy Swedish hospitality and its stunning landscapes.

Image of a sportswoman with bicycles with Roadsurfer
Image of a sportswoman with bicycles with Roadsurfer

Austria and Switzerland:

Close to Catalonia, these countries offer challenging routes surrounded by spectacular alpine views.

Events like IRONMAN Austria in Klagenfurt and IRONMAN 70.3 Switzerland in Thun are perfect for those looking to combine competition with mountain tourism.

France and Italy:

For triathlon lovers looking for diversity, a perfect option may be the Challenge events in Cagnes or Sam Remo

From the beaches of the French Riviera to the historic Italian routes, there is a perfect setting for every athlete.

List of Roadsurfer Headquarters

To facilitate your adventure, here is a list of the Roadsurfer locations closest to each recommended destination:






Each link will take you directly to the reservation page, where you can plan your trip and secure your camper for the adventure.

How to Plan Your Trip?

Image of a Roadsurfer
Image of a Roadsurfer

Planning your trip with Roadsurfer is simple. You just need to choose your destination, reserve your camper and prepare for the adventure.

Here are some tips for an unforgettable experience:

Book in advance: Secure your camper well in advance, especially during high competition season.

Plan your route: Research triathlon events and local attractions to make the most of your trip.

Prepare your Team: Make sure you bring everything you need to compete and to enjoy your vacation outdoors.

Don't forget to take advantage of the €100 discount on your reservation

As you see, Road surfers It has strategically located venues that bring you closer to the venues of the most exciting triathlon events in Europe, a perfect option if you are one of those looking to live adventures and enjoy the competition.

Don't forget that you can get €100 off your camper reservation with the code: TRIATLON100 for reservations longer than 5 days

Check all their models at https://roadsurfer.com/es/

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