Skechers GoRun Pure 4: maximum lightness and versatility for your daily workouts

The fourth generation of the versatile shoe for daily training Skechers GOrun Pure It arrives ready to provide you with kilometers and kilometers of comfort based on lightness and cushioning.

Whatever your runner profile is, the Skechers GoRun Pure 4 offers you agility, stability, great durability and all the cutting-edge technologies that are applied in the most advanced models of the American firm so that you can enjoy maximum comfort, smoothness and fluidity in transitions in all types of training, regardless of the distance.

The Skechers GOrun Pure 4 is a training and light training shoe -and occasional competitions- with a medium drop of 6mm that is perfect for its Hyper Arc® biomechanical technology, which combines multiple arches from the heel to the toe to promote efficiency in each stride.

The Skechers GOrun Pure 4 also incorporates the new ultralight and responsive ECO FLIGHT™ EVA cushioning, an ecological, light, resistant and elastic foam made with 10% recycled materials.

This material provides great cushioning and response to offer you a very comfortable touch in each landing and promote fluidity in transitions.

In addition, Skechers Arch Fit® insole, With a plantar arch certified by podiatrists, it provides support to the entire foot, extra cushioning and, above all, a lot of comfort, as it helps adapt to the foot to reduce impacts and increase weight dispersion.

Regarding the upper part, the Skechers GOrun Pure 4 incorporates a highly breathable, flexible and lightweight technical mesh which stretches to adapt to the foot and allows a good amount of air to enter the interior through its perforations.

Finally, the Skechers GOrun Pure 4, with a weight of 238g in size 43 for men and 193g in size 40 for women, They also feature the latest Skechers technology to improve grip and stability: the durable Goodyear® high-performance sole.

This sole made with the same technology used by Goodyear Best All Weather Traction tires -developed with rubber based on soybean oil-, famous for their extraordinary grip on any type of surface, even with wet floors, and in a wide range of temperatures

Features of the Skechers GoRun Pure 4 Shoe


  • Model: Skechers GoRun Pure 4
  • Type: Daily and light training shoe, suitable for occasional competitions.
  • Weight: 238g for men's size 43, 193g for women's size 40.

Technology and Composition

  • Damping: ECO FLIGHT™ made of EVA, ultralight and reactive, with 10% recycled materials, offering comfort and a good response when landing.
  • Arch Support: Skechers Arch Fit® insole with podiatrist-certified plantar arch provides comprehensive support, comfort and additional cushioning.
  • Sole: High-performance Goodyear®, with soybean oil-based rubber, ensuring excellent grip on various surfaces and weather conditions.

Design and Comfort

  • Upper: Breathable and flexible technical mesh, it adapts to the foot and facilitates ventilation through its perforations.
  • Drop: 6mm, optimized by Hyper Arc® biomechanical technology, which improves the efficiency of each stride from heel to toe.

Key Benefits

  • Agility and Stability: Lightweight design that promotes an efficient and stable stride.
  • Durability: Durable materials and advanced sole technology for long life.
  • Comfort: Combination of soft cushioning and adaptive arch support to reduce impacts and improve weight distribution.
  • Versatility: Suitable for all types of training and distances, even occasional competitions.

Models and where to buy

Skechers Go Run Pure 4 (women)

Skechers Go Run Pure 4 (men)

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