Skechers GoRun Pure 4 tested!

Just a few days ago Skechers surprised us with the launch of its new model GO RUN PURE 4, a shoe that stands out mainly for its comfort and that from our point of view is designed for training and competition with medium paces over short distances, that is where we believe that the greatest performance can be obtained.

From Triatlón Noticias, we test them and give you our opinion!


This model maintains its essence of offering maximum stability in support and comfort, betting once again on excellent cushioning, a “must have” of the Skechers brand, thanks to its Eco Flight system.

But of course, what has surprised us the most is the design of your template, with some perforations in the “bridge” area to offer that comfort that they boast of and that from Triatlón Noticias we can assure “they perfectly comply with what the brand promises”

When we have it in our hands we are happy to see that a part is made with recycled material, a plus as long as Skechers is a brand committed to the environment, at the same time as discovering that they are once again betting on Goodyear Performance sole which, according to our experience with other models, gives it great quality and durability, as well as good reactivity.


  • Weight :: 238g in men's size 9
  • DROP 6mm
  • 3,175 cm height


ARCHFIT: Insole designed by podiatrists with certified and patented arch support that offers extra cushioning and support for the arch of the foot by redistributing pressure throughout the entire sole.

HYPERARC: Design that was born with the objective of making a more efficient stride, combining multiple arches from the heel to the toe to make the transitions smoother and improve the runner's performance.

ECOFLIGHT: Skechers also thinks about the environmental impact and manufactures the EVA compound with at least 10% recycled material.

GOODYEAR PERFORMANCE OUTSOLES: Its sole is made with the same technology as Goodyear's Best All Weather Traction tires. It has a rubber that increases traction and durability in a wider range of temperatures.


GO RUN PURE 4 has quality materials that offer breathability that is very appreciated.

As we highlighted at the beginning of the article, it is an extra comfortable model, which different from other sneakers thanks to the design of its insole with support for the arch of the foot, being also removable, thanks to it Skechers can boast of offering a reduction in impact while increasing the dispersion of weight on the shoe.

Once again we can see that this model offers maximum durability with its sole that has become the brand's flagship, Goodyear Performance, which offers the runner stability and traction when running.

From our point of view it is a perfect option for training at medium paces, and in our case we would use it to short distances mainly.

Other details that we liked is that it is machine washable, light and reactive, with a discreet and elegant design that, in addition to the reflective band on its side, provides extra safety for “night” training.


We would add a reflector, in addition to the sides where it counts, also in the rear area, as well as some laces in the box for when we use them in triathlon competitions.

These are our conclusions to highlight:

  • Comfort
  • Fabric, breathability and machine washability
  • Elegant design
  • Feeling of stability and protection in the heel area
  • Quality finishes
  • Reflective stripe on the side

¿Where to buy?

The Skechers GoRun Pure 4 can be purchased at your Official Site and in specialized stores

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