Zoggs thermal swimsuits for open water

In a world where ecological awareness and technological innovation go hand in hand, Zoggs continues to position itself once again at the forefront with its most recent launch: a collection of thermal swimsuits that redefines the concept of swimming in open water.

This new advance in its line of sports clothing stands out for offering an effective solution for swimming lovers who do not want to give up training in open water during the coldest months of the year.

A Thermal Revolution in Water

The Zoggs line of thermal swimsuits introduces a revolution in the world of swimming, specially designed for those who challenge the low temperatures of the sea or the pool.

With a striking and sustainable design, these suits are not just another garment in your sports wardrobe; They are a declaration of intent.

El silver lining What characterizes these swimsuits is not just an aesthetic detail, but the result of exhaustive research that has demonstrated their ability to rretain body heat up to 60% longer compared to conventional swimsuits.

This innovation ensures that open water swimming is more accessible and comfortable all year round.

Sustainability as Standard

In its quest to minimize environmental impact without compromising quality and performance, Zoggs has opted for the Ecofeel fabric for its new range of thermal swimsuits.

This material made entirely from recycled plastic waste, represents a step forward towards a greener and more responsible industry.

The swimsuits offer an exceptional fit and unparalleled comfort and also symbolize the brand's commitment to protecting the oceans and the planet.

Inclusive Design

Inclusivity is at the heart of every Zoggs swimsuit, with models that adapt to all body types and celebrate the diversity of their wearers.

The brand understands the importance of feeling safe and comfortable when enjoying water, which is why its designs seek to empower women to immerse themselves without reservation.

The new collection promises to follow this philosophy, incorporating models with various back styles to ensure maximum comfort and adaptability to the individual needs of each swimmer.

What awaits us

Zoggs not only promises to keep us warm in the water, but also anticipates the expansion of this innovative line with new models and designs that will continue to adapt to the demands of the most demanding swimmers.

The combination of functionality, aesthetics and sustainability makes this collection an attractive proposition for any lover of open water swimming, whether for a brief dip or for long distances.

A Commitment to the Future

Founded on Sydney's northern beaches, Zoggs has been synonymous with innovation and love of the water since 1992. Part of the Head Group, the brand strives to make a difference in the industry, not only through its products, but also through initiatives such as the Blue Oceans project, dedicated to protecting the seas and reducing plastic.

With a presence in more than 50 countries, Zoggs continues to demonstrate that it is possible to enjoy water in a fun, safe and responsible way.

More information  https://www.zoggs.com/es_ES/ 

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