SIGMA presents the new ROX 4.0 ENDURANCE with 41 hours of battery

SIGMA presents the improved version of its popular ROX 4.0 GPS, the ROX 4.0 Endurance.

With its 41 hours of battery life, the ROX 4.0 Endurance will take you where your body can last, on multi-day cycling routes.

Like its little brother, the ROX 4.0 Endurance reliably shows you in its big 2,4 inch the navigation instructions you need, and data such as altitude profile, speed, distance, training time, and many more.

Of course you can also connect your ROX 4.0 Endurance to your e-bike to display all the values ​​of your electrical system, such as battery level, assist mode, status of your e-bike lights, or the autonomy you have left, among others, and also to external speed sensors, cadence o pulse, to record each of your activities in detail.

Among its navigation functions, the turn by turn directions that are shown on the screen, with the name of the routes, thanks to the enrichment of any GPX track that you import into the SIGMA RIDE app, where all kinds of additional information is added if you wish.

So, one Turn arrow and an acoustic signal indicate the next turn. To avoid getting lost, the Red Circle counts the distance to the next turn using colored bars, which decrease the closer you get to the turn.

Furthermore, if you deviate from the suggested route, due to any unforeseen eventuality, the ROX quickly replans a new route to your destination with a height profile updated accordingly, in continuous interaction with the SIGMA RIDE app.

Another of the favorite functions of ROX users, also available in the new ROX 4.0 Endurance, is that of « Search & Go « included in the SIGMA RIDE app, with which you can quickly find any location and navigate to it.

You just have to enter an address, a POI (Cafe, restaurant, gas station, etc.), or simply click on a point on the map. You can configure route preferences (bike paths, dirt roads, highways or even trails), quickly generating the best option to get to your destination, which will be immediately displayed with turn-by-turn directions on your ROX 4.0 Endurance .

The new GPS cycle computer installs easily on the handlebars with its special OverClamp Butler mount, which positions the device completely centered in your cockpit, just above the handlebar stem, for easy maneuverability and impeccable aesthetics. Its elegant color, all black, gives it an elegant and sporty appearance at the same time.

After turning it on, the ROX calculates your position in a matter of seconds using GPS and GLONASS, and with its intuitive operation you can start your activity immediately. The SIGMA RIDE app also allows you to configure your individualized screen views, to your liking, to be able to view exactly the data and graphics you need at all times.

In the same way, its total connectivity allows you to view incoming calls on the screen, or the messages you receive on your mobile phone, without having to stop your cycling route.

 Availability and more information:

The new ROX 4.0 Endurance is now available on the market through the SIGMA distribution network in Iberia, and has a RRP of only €129,95, including SIGMA's award-winning OverClamp Butler support.

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