Zoggs presents its new 2024 wetsuit collection

This season takes a leap in quality in technology and design

Zoggs, the leading brand in wetsuits and swimming goggles, has presented its new collection of wetsuits, an innovative range that represents a leap in quality in the world of swimming.

In recent weeks, Zoggs has met in Madrid and Barcelona with specialized media such as Triathlon News, distributors and athletes to present this new collection.

The new Zoggs wetsuit collection stands out for its Spectacular design and cutting-edge technology.

Placing the performance and comfort in the foreground, Zoggs has selected materials based on thickness, elasticity and type of surface depending on the purpose of the wetsuit.

One of the strong points of the collection is the use of Yamamoto neoprene, which guarantees the best flexibility and exceptional comfort.

Additionally, each line in the collection sports its own distinctive graphic style, adding a touch of style while maintaining functionality.

Customization in length of the sleeves and legs

The new collection too incorporates the DIY sleeve and leg length customization system by Zoggs.

This system allows swimmers trim these parts of the suit according to your preferences, adding important added value to each suit.

During the tests of the new collection, two models emerged as the undisputed favorites: the Hypex Ultra FS and the Peditor Ultra FS.

These models encapsulate the innovation and performance that this collection pursues. Guests stated that these suits fit like a glove, highlighting their exceptional comfort and performance.

Participating women also had the opportunity to try out Zoggs' new women's thermal swimsuits. These swimsuits combine style and functionality for swimming in cold conditions, proving their thermal properties in the water.

3 lines of wetsuits

The new Zoggs wetsuit collection is available in three lines: Predator, Hypex and Explorer.

Each line has its own features and benefits, making them the perfect option for different types of swimmers.

Predator redefines power and elegance in the water, offering suits with superior buoyancy and strategic support.

Hypex focuses on freedom and flexibility, with models that offer unmatched flexibility for swimmers and triathletes.

Discover offers comfort and versatility for open water adventures.

Swimming goggles introduced

Zoggs has also introduced its new swimming goggles, including the iconic Predator goggles, known for their impeccable fit and wide field of vision.

In addition, the Tiger glasses offer an ideal balance between comfort and style, while the new Horizon Flex Mask attracts attention with its ergonomic design and panoramic lens.

The brand prides itself on being a brand that embraces inclusivity, offering a range of wetsuits that welcomes all swimmers, regardless of ability or preference.

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