New Range of Zoggs Wetsuits 2024

Zoggs, leader in swimming and triathlon equipment, has just presented its revolutionary range of neoprenes for this year 2024.

This collection, made up of 17 different models, marks a before and after in the world of open water swimming, perfectly combining performance, style and sustainability.

Design and technology

The wetsuits, designed in Italy, stand out for their advanced technology and high-quality materials, such as Yamamoto neoprene, known for maximizing flexibility and buoyancy.

3 ranges for this 2024

This range includes the Predator, Hypex and Explorer lines, each focused on meeting the specific needs of swimmers and triathletes of all levels.


The jewel in the crown, focused on maximizing buoyancy and power in the water.

Models Predator Ultra FS, Predator Pro FS y Predator Tour FS They stand out for their distinctive design and advanced features, such as Yamamoto neoprene in different thicknesses to ensure unsurpassed flexibility and buoyancy.


It is presented as the ideal range for those who value freedom and flexibility over structured buoyancy.

With models like the Hypex Ultra FS and Hypex Pro FS, This line promises an unrestricted swimming experience, thanks to a careful selection of materials and innovative design.


Aimed at open water adventurers and water sports enthusiasts, it offers suits such as the Explorer Ultra FS and Explorer Pro FS, that perfectly balance elasticity, buoyancy and durability for an optimal experience on long journeys.

Zoggs neoprene comparison

This is the comparison of all the models of the 3 ranges.

Model Price Yamamoto Buoyancy Flexibility Core Compression Integrated Reverse Zipper
Predator Ultra FS 999.00 40 in 5 thicknesses Highest Extreme Yes RED Yes
Predator Pro FS 699.00 39 in 5 thicknesses Exceptional High Yes yellow No
Predator Tour FS 499.00 38 in 4 thicknesses Optimal High Yes Light blue No
Hypex Ultra FS 799.00 40 flexible Neutral matchless Yes Green and yellow Yes
Hypex Pro FS 599.90 39 flexible Neutral Outstanding Yes BLUE No
Hypex Tour FS 399.00 38 flexible Neutral Mejorada Yes RED No
Explorer Ultra FS 399.00 38 in 3 thicknesses Balanced High Not specified Yellow No
Explorer Pro FS 249.00 Not specified Solid High Not specified Orange No
Explorer Tour FS 199.00 Double sided Versatile Comfortable Not specified Yellow fluorine No

Personalization and Comfort

One of the most innovative features is the DIY customization system, which allows users to adjust the length of sleeves and legs for a perfect fit.

This guarantees exceptional performance and also unprecedented comfort in the water.

Commitment to Sustainability

Zoggs is committed to the environment. The suits in this new range incorporate recycled materials, significantly reducing CO2 emissions during production.

This effort reflects Zoggs' commitment to providing high-quality products while respecting our planet.

Zoggs once again positions itself at the forefront of open water sport

The new range of wetsuits promises to revolutionize the experience of swimmers and triathletes, offering unparalleled performance, comfort and style.

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