3 Skechers shoes with Carbon Fiber

GoRun Ride 11, GoRun Razor Excess 2 and GoRun Persistence

In the world of triathlon and running, footwear plays a crucial role in the athlete's performance and comfort.

Today, we are going to analyze three models of shoes from the renowned brand Skechers that have revolutionized the market: the GoRun Ride 11, Go Run Razor Excess 2 and GoRun Persistence.

Comparison between the three models

Features GoRun Ride 11 Go Run Razor Excess 2 GoRun Persistence
shoe type Neutral, well damped Neutral, reactive, great cushioning Neutral, well damped
Target audiences Medium and long distances Fast training and medium and long distance competitions To go further away
Carbon Infused plate YES YES YES
Arch Fit® Insole YES YES YES
Ultra Flight® cushioning DO NOT DO NOT YES
Goodyear® Performance sole YES YES YES
Hyper Burst® Technology YES YES DO NOT
Hyper Arc® technology YES YES SI

Skechers GoRun Ride 11

new Skechers GORUN RIDE 11 shoes

The Skechers GoRun Ride 11 are shoes designed for long or medium distance, ideal for the triathlete looking for performance and comfort in races of 21 or 42 kilometers.

The weight of only 238 grams (size 42), these shoes combine lightness with good performance.

The cushioning is designed with the foam Dual Density Hyperburst Ice™, providing a smooth and stable running experience.

In addition, they have a infused carbon plate in the front area of ​​the shoe, which makes them much more effective thanks to offering a good return in each stride.

For more information consult our review

Skechers Go Run Razor Excess 2

Skechers Go Run Razor Excess™ 2
Skechers Go Run Razor Excess™ 2

The Skechers Go Run Razor Excess™ 2 are the perfect shoes for fast training and medium and long distance competitions.

The weight of only 204 grams (size 42), these shoes are light, but with exceptional cushioning.

They have the Carbon Infused plate that offers greater momentum in each stride as well as favoring stability in each step.

In addition, HyperArc biomechanical technology gives you extra efficiency when running, providing a more dynamic running style.

Consultation our review

Skechers GoRun Persistence

Skechers GoRun Persistence
Skechers GoRun Persistencekecher

The Skechers GoRun Persistence are neutral shoes aimed at medium-weight runners and that come to the market with the idea of ​​democratizing the use of the carbon plate for all athletes.

They have a weight of 238g (size 42) and with Ultra Flight cushioning that helps absorb impacts as well as guarantee softness, lightness and response in each stride.

In addition, its removable Arch Fit® insole has podiatrist-certified plantar arch support, which adapts perfectly to the runner's foot, reducing impact and improving weight distribution.

Consultation our review

All three shoes share common features such as the inclusion of a carbon plate to improve the efficiency of the stride and the presence of innovative technologies to improve comfort and performance.


However, each model has its own particularities that make them suitable for different types of runners and distances.

While the GoRun Ride 11 is ideal for long distances, the Go Run Razor Excess™ 2 is perfect for fast training and medium to long distance competitions, and the GoRun Persistence is ideal for middleweight runners looking for a carbon training shoe without breaking the bank.

Each model has its own strengths and adapts to different needs and preferences, so we recommend that you choose the one that best suits your needs and career goals.

Purchase information

The Skechers GoRun Ride 11, Go Run Razor Excess™ 2 and GoRun Persistence shoes are available for purchase on the official Skechers website and in specialized sports stores.

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