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Innovation and performance in every stride

Today we bring you the review of one of the brand's new shoe model Skechers, Go Run Ride 11.

This model, designed for long or medium distance, is perfect for the triathlete looking for performance and comfort in races of 21 or 42 kilometers.

About the Skechers brand

Skechers is a globally recognized brand for the design, development and marketing of performance footwear, apparel and accessories.

Athletes of the size of Martín Fiz, medium and long distance, they train and compete with it to this day.

Instagram/ Martín Fiz training with Skechers
Instagram/ Martín Fiz training with Skechers

Its commitment to technological innovation is reflected in each of its products, and the Go Run Ride 11 are a clear example of this.

Skechers has presence in more than 180 countries thanks to the trust of athletes in the brand.

Shoe Type

The Skechers Go Run Ride 11 is a neutral running shoe, designed for middleweight runners looking for a lightweight shoe, but with exceptional cushioning.

Its design is designed for medium and long distances, being ideal for 21 and 42 kilometer races, although they can be used for shorter competitions.

With a weight of only 238 grams (size 42), this shoe combines lightness with good performance.

Main characteristics

The Go Run Ride 11 gives a quality plus to its predecessor models and, in this article, we will tell you why.

The cushioning is designed with the Hyperburst Ice™ foam Dual density, providing a smooth and stable running experience.

The outer layer provides stability, while the inner layer provides additional comfort on the run.

Skechers Go Run Ride 11 , photo sole

In addition, it has a infused carbon plate in the front area of ​​the shoe, which makes it much more effective thanks to offering a good return in each stride.

Apart from carbon, the HyperArc biomechanical technology gives you extra efficiency when running, providing a more dynamic running style which will save valuable seconds.

Skechers Go Run Ride 11 , photo carbon infused

The tab for quick transition and the goodyear sole, which provides exceptional grip even on wet roads, are other outstanding features of this model.

Last, the ArcFit template, designed by podiatrists, it is removable and offers a total support and optimum stability in the race, distributing pressure throughout the foot.

Skechers Go Run Ride 11 , photo from behind

Technical Data

Feature Description
template system Skechers Arch Fit® with podiatrist-certified arch support
template design Developed with 20 years of data and 120,000 weightless foot scans
Template Neutral, Removable, helps mold the foot to reduce impact and increase weight dispersion
damping technology HYPER BURST ICE™ with dual density HYPER BURST® technology for a smooth and stable ride
efficiency technology HYPER ARC™ promotes efficiency in every stride
License plate Infused carbon fiber to put more momentum in your step
Sole Goodyear® Performance Outsole provides increased traction, stability and durability
Top material Breathable, synthetic engineered mesh
Weight : 238 grams (size 42)
Sole height 32mm-38mm
Drop 6 mm
Washable The machine

Comparison with previous models

Skechers Go Run Ride 11 , photo with the sole removed

Compared to its predecessors, the Go Run Ride 11 maintains the essence of the Go Run Ride line, but incorporates significant improvements.

The main novelty is the dual-density Hyperburst Ice™ technology, providing superior cushioning and enhanced performance.

Skechers Go Run Ride 11, photo with GoodYear sole

In addition, the Goodyear sole offers better grip than previous models, especially in wet road conditions.

Check our previous reviews of the models GoRun Ride 10 y GoRun Ride 9


In our opinion, the Skechers Go Run Ride 11 is a excellent choice for middleweight runners who are looking for a high performance shoe for long and medium distances.

It is also a perfect choice for triathletes who like to combine various distances, like sprint, Olympic or longer like MD or Full.

Your combination of lightness, cushioning and efficient stride They make it a great choice that will help you in those difficult moments of the race thanks to its technology.

In addition, the robustness and constant innovation of the Skechers brand are a guarantee of quality, which makes these shoes a safe investment for any athlete.

Where to buy?

The Skechers Go Run Ride 11 is available for purchase at the Skechers official website, in Skechers own stores and in specialized sports stores.

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