INVERSE Custom Antares: The revolution in road safety for cyclists

INVEST has launched an innovative solution for road safety for cyclists: the system Custom Antares.

This product represents a breakthrough in personalized cycling clothing, integrating a patented system of Removable LED light on jerseys and jackets. 

This unique feature in the international market not only improves visibility for cyclists on the road, but also brings a distinctive and customizable element to your team.

These are some of its characteristics:

  • Removable LED Safety Light: Incorporated into jerseys and jackets, this LED light significantly improves the cyclist's visibility, essential for road safety.
  • Rechargeable via USB 3.0: Allows easy and quick recharging, guaranteeing constant lighting.
  • Power of 150 Lumens: Offers excellent visibility, even in low light conditions, with a range of up to 20 meters.
  • Customizable Design: Cyclists can adapt the design to their preferences, combining safety with personal style.

The “Winter Revolution 23-24” Collection 

The collection "Winter Revolution 23-24” by INVERSE, which includes the Antares jacket and jersey, has been the inspiration for the development of the Custom Antares.

Based on the Tempus range, the most PRO of Inverse, the Custom Antares line extends the revolution in road safety to cycling.

Adapts to any design 

It offers a stylish integration of LED light into clothing, allowing riders to express their personality with confidence and security.

A Response to the Need for Security 

The removable LED light built into Inverse cycling clothing responds to the growing need for safety on the roads.

With traffic congestion and distracted driving, this innovation represents a significant step forward in protecting cyclists.

Functionality and Durability 

The removable red LED light is bright and visible from a considerable distance.

It offers different lighting modes, which improves the cyclist's visibility during the day or night.

Furthermore, the battery Long duration (2-4 hours) and quick USB recharging ensure the light is always ready for use.

The incorporation of LED light into cycling clothing represents a qualitative leap in terms of safety.

With this product INVERSE remains a innovation leader, offering cyclists an effective way to increase their visibility and therefore their safety on the road.
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