More than 100 PROS at IRONMAN 70.3 Valencia

The City of Turia is preparing to host the first edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 Valencia, that will be disputed this next April 21.

This is a test that has generated a great expectation among amateur and professional triathletes, selling out its numbers in just two months and becoming the event to close registrations earliest this season.

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More than 100 professional triathletes will meet in Valencia, where big names such as Laura Philipp (3rd in the IRONMAN World Championship 2023) Jan Stratman (3rd in the 2023 IRONMAN World Championship), Anthony Benito Lopez (winner of IRONMAN 70.3 Pucón and Swansea 2023) and Sara Pérez Sala, one of the great promises of Spanish triathlon.


The IRONMAN 70.3 Valencia will begin with the 1.9 km swim at the Marina Real Juan Carlos I, followed by a demanding 90 km cycling circuit that will cover the Serra Calderona, a stunning mountain range just 20 km from the city center.

 The race will end with a 21.1 km foot race along the Turia River, with the finish line located next to the emblematic Science Museum.

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List of professionals

DORSAL Last Name Name Nationality
1 Stratmann Jan AL (Germany)
2 Benito Lopez Antonio ESP (Spain)
3 Bergère Léo FRA (France)
4 Costs Anthony FRA (France)
5 Guilloux Arnaud FRA (France)
6 Pereira John PRT (Portugal)
7 Teagle James GBR (United Kingdom)
8 mennesson William FRA (France)
9 By Keyser Christophe BEL (Belgium)
10 Brutal violence Jon NOR (Norway)
12 Goodwin George GBR (United Kingdom)
13 Bugallo Creek Victor ESP (Spain)
15 Raelert Michael AL (Germany)
16 eggelling Marc AL (Germany)
17 Villarruel Curra Juan Ignacio ESP (Spain)
18 Hentschel Felix AL (Germany)
19 Markgraf Nico AL (Germany)
20 Mantell Ernest USA (United States)
21 Badar Gergo HUN (Hungary)
23 Bird John AL (Germany)
24 Lewis Joshua GBR (England)
25 Scott Farrington James GBR (England)
26 Sneberger Jan CZ (Czech Republic)
27 Aguayo Muñoz Emilio ESP (Spain)
28 Carnation Vincent FRA (France)
29 Thijs Nick BEL (Belgium)
30 Benz Patrick CH (Switzerland)
31 Noain More ESP (Spain)
32 Redolad Canalda Albert ESP (Spain)
33 Nielsen Anders Toft DNK (Denmark)
35 Donovan Lewis GBR (United Kingdom)
36 Roux Anthony FRA (France)
37 Meeuzen Fabian CH (Switzerland)
38 Schaufler Jannik AL (Germany)
39 Txopitea Mikel PSE (State of Palestine)
40 Bar Quentin FRA (France)
41 Ronchi Luca ITA (Italy)
42 Servais Noah BEL (Belgium)
43 Lindars Kieran GBR (United Kingdom)
44 Candeo Filippo ITA (Italy)
45 Thalmann Sven CH (Switzerland)
46 Turner Ollie JEY (Jersey)
47 Diez Rodriguez Julen ESP (Spain)
48 Naeyaert Louis BEL (Belgium)
49 Huckenstein Simon DEU (Germany)
50 Webb Frederick GBR (United Kingdom)
51 Feunekes Ivor NL (Netherlands)
52 Lehmann In my opinion HUN (Hungary)
53 Trunk Christian AL (Germany)
54 Mentrida Diego ESP (Spain)
55 Da Silva Daniel PRT (Portugal)
56 skunk Fernando ESP (Spain)
57 Miserole Lucas FRA (France)
58 Guisolan Jonathan CH (Switzerland)
59 fishbach Yannick AL (Germany)
60 Richard Tom FRA (France)
61 Dukes Nicola ITA (Italy)
62 Säfstrom Christopher SE (Sweden)
63 Lukatsch Rafael AUT (Austria)
64 Schmitt Silas AL (Germany)
65 Ralphs Matthew ZAF (South Africa)
66 Kreibich Malta AL (Germany)
67 Reddy Mateo CH (Switzerland)
68 Kempmann Neilan AL (Germany)
69 Bortolamedi Michele ITA (Italy)
70 Hernández Cabrera Vicente ESP (Spain)
71 Villanueva Moehl Fabian MEX (Mexico)
72 Claes Jari CH (Switzerland)
73 Grabowski Michal POL (Poland)
74 Rohde Maximilian AL (Germany)
75 Lennell Adam SE (Sweden)
76 Marquis Fas Ramir ESP (Spain)
77 Artigues-Ramis Francesc ESP (Spain)
80 Sanchez Mantecon Roberto ESP (Spain)
81 Even William FRA (France)
82 Mendes Mercado David ESP (Spain)
83 Gartmark Joakim SE (Sweden)
84 Trading Samuel CAN (Canada)
85 Dress Graae Christopher DNK (Denmark)
86 brembor Tomasz POL (Poland)
87 Podhajsky Austin USA (United States)
88 Van Vooren Brecht BEL (Belgium)
89 Wayaffe Jonathan BEL (Belgium)
90 Oliver Lives Carlos ESP (Spain)
91 Montiel Guillem ESP (Spain)
95 Philip Laura AL (Germany)
96 Perez Sala Sara ESP (Spain)
97 Corachan Cowgirl Judith ESP (Spain)
98 Kleizer Daniela AL (Germany)
99 Curridori Elizabeth ITA (Italy)
100 Rayner Lizzie GBR (United Kingdom)
101 Tondeur Alexandra BEL (Belgium)
102 anderbury Rebecca GBR (United Kingdom)
103 Carnation Charlene FRA (France)
104 Nilsson Jenny SE (Sweden)
106 Baumann Melanie CH (Switzerland)
107 Madsen Laura DNK (Denmark)
108 Varga Emma SE (Sweden)
109 Pohle Caroline AL (Germany)
110 Batt Franziska AL (Germany)
111 Meißner Lena AL (Germany)
112 Condemn Mint FIN (Finland)
113 Snappy Leana CH (Switzerland)
114 Gomez Ramon Laura ESP (Spain)
115 Besperát Barbora CZ (Czech Republic)
116 McDonald Megan GBR (United Kingdom)
117 Iogna Prat Luisa ITA (Italy)
118 Clutterbuck Stephanie GBR (United Kingdom)
119 Nicolas Chloé FRA (France)
120 Nielsen Anastacia Damm DNK (Denmark)
121 Indermühle Maja CHE (Switzerland)
122 Maramotti Fabia ITA (Italy)
123 Bergwitz-Larsen Kaja Wright NOR (Norway)
124 Pierre Laboisse, President and CEO of Aledia, a leader in nanowire-based MicroLED technologies for the displays of tomorrow Anne Sophie FRA (France)
125 Vooren Maaike NLD (Netherlands)
126 Gerss Lisa AL (Germany)

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