Noya and Routier rise to the podium in "Le Garmin Triathlon de Paris"

Paris has hosted this weekend one of the most important events of the French calendar "Le Garmin Triathlon de Paris".

At 9 in the morning of July 7, this appointment for the women's category began, continuing with the men's test at 10.30:750 in a test that has passed over the Sprint distance (20m, 5km, XNUMXkm) running its course on the streets from the French capital.

This test has had Spanish participation being members of several teams and where the most outstanding performance has been once again that of the Spanish Javier Gómez Noya who started among the favorites and who has achieved 1 place on the podium in the individual category followed by Joao Pereira in second position. The young man Fernando Alarza he managed to reach the finish line less than a minute behind the leader, thus achieving 8 position. Despite these great results, in the general position the Sartrouville team, which both Spanish triathletes have represented, had to settle for second place overall, where the winner was the Sables Vendée team.

In the Women's category, a great performance by Carolina Routier who represented the Issy team, where she achieved the third position of the podium in individual less than a minute from the winner, thus demonstrating her excellent progression this season, after her performance last month June in the European Cup of Banyoles (Girona) where he achieved the sixteenth position. The winner in the women's category was Jessica Harrison, followed by the Chilean, based in Spain, Barbara Riveros. The winning club in the female category Châteauroux.

Individual Male:

  • 1 Javier Gomez (Sartrouville) 56'38
  • 2 Joao Pereira (Sables Vendée) 56'41
  • 3 Pierre Le Corre (Sables Vendée) 56'42
  • 4 Brad Kahlefeldt (Vendée sabers) 56'43
  • 5 David Hauss (Sables Vendée) 56'46
  • 6 Will Clarke (Lagardère Paris) 56'50
  • 7 Grégory Rouault (Poissy) 56'50
  • 8 Fernado Alarza (Sartrouville) 56'53
  • 9 Tony Moulai (Poissy) 57'03
  • 10 Ryan Sissons (St Jean de Monts) 57'04

Individual Female:

  • 1 Jessica Harrison (Poissy) 1h04'49
  • 2 Barbara Riveros (Val de Gray) 1h05'24
  • 3 Carolina Routier (Issy) 1h05'26
  • 4 Kate Roberts (Châteauroux) 1h05'32
  • 5 Mélanie Ananheim (Châteauroux) 1h05'42
  • 6 Emmie Charayron (Lagardère Paris) 1h05'51
  • 7 Lucy Hall (Brive) 1h05'52
  • 8 Katrin Muller (Poissy) 1h05'54
  • 9 Rebecca Robish (Lagardère Paris Racing) 1h05'54
  • 10 Moana Tamsyn (Poitiers) 1h05'58

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