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Presentation of the book "who wants a better life", MARCEL ZAMORA

Great reception yesterday afternoon at the official presentation of the book by Spanish Triathlete Marcel Zamora entitled "Who wants a better life" which was held at the Triathlon Store located in Madrid.

About a hundred people attended the event, where Daniel Márquez, editor-in-chief of the Finisher Triathlon magazine, welcomed the attendees and presented the book by taking a brief tour of the Catalan triathlete's career. Minutes later, he gave the floor to Marcel who greeted the attendees and answered the questions that were being asked.

"In the book I have wanted to capture my life, the trajectory during these last years, but not only at the level of training, competitions and support of sponsors during these years, I have also wanted to flash-back on other issues, such as the support of my family and friends during this period that has been essential to be here "

"I hope I have left a legacy with my professional career and the 5 podiums at the Nice IronMan, this book is also my legacy for triathlon and for new generations of athletes"

“From the outside, sometimes they tell me that the life of a professional triathlete is fortunate, it is a very hard job, it is not easy and it suffers, many times you stop spending the time you would like with the people you love, it is sacrificed, but It is what I like to do and in a way, I owe myself to my collaborators and sponsors who support me. Anyway, I am happy with the life that I have had to live, and if I put all this on a balance, of course I would stick with triathlon "

“I am aware that the life of a professional athlete is over, but I will continue to be an athlete all my life, since I learned to ride a bike when I was very young, I have never left it, and this cannot change. I know that one day this professional period will end and others will come, I have several projects related to sports, I will always be in the same world and I put all my good will and energy into it, I know that everything will be fine "

"Sometimes I feel that the essence of the sport has been lost, long distance and the Ironman has been made to enjoy, I think it is the main thing in a competition. I think that the success of being a finisher is not only based on hanging a medal, if not on completing each segment as it is, swimming, cycling and running, but above all on enjoying every moment of the race "

“Yes, something has to have my genetic body, when there are 3000 people at the start of the Ironman in Nice and the first came. But I do not believe that everything is genetics nor do I believe that I am the strongest person, I believe that there are other circumstances such as mental strength and the ability to suffer, there is an innate part and an acquired part, but I would not know how to assess the percentage "

“Iván Raña is a professional from head to toe, he has shown it during all these years, his capacity for suffering and improvement, both for training and competition, is admirable. It is a good step to compete long-distance, he has experience and this is very important, before it was not so important to swim well, now you have to go out in the leading group to get on the bike well and this Iván has learned well, as in other facets in which he brings great experience. However, being a good triathlete, having a strong mind and other characteristics that Ivan has for this is not everything, in the long distance you also learn based on experience, perhaps the first ones will not win, but you have the aptitude and attitude to achieve it. "

"I will be delighted to receive your emails with comments about the book and your perceptions, and I thank you all for joining us this afternoon"

For more information about Marcel Zamora visit: http://www.marcelzamora.com/


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