Samer Ali Saad and María Pujol win at the Seville Triathlon

The Seville Triathlon 2012 already has two new names in its list of winners. The event crowned Samer Ali Saad in the men's category and María Pujol in the women's category. The curious circumstance occurs that both are from Seville, so everything was left at home.

In boys, Ali Saad repeated the triumph in the Olympic discipline that he achieved in the last edition and becomes the great protagonist of this event. The Sevillian, from ADS-Zambru's Bikes, came out fourth in the first sector, the swimming sector, after Germán Rodríguez and Bruno Raso. The leading group had a minute's lead on Samer after the transition from the water to the bike. But on two wheels, he managed to smooth out the differences until he reached the front group.

At the end of the 40 kilometers on the bike, the head was still occupied by Bruno Raso, but already with Samer hot on their heels and headed towards victory.

It would be in the last 10 kilometers, those of the foot race, which would determine the winner. There, the Sevillian is a true specialist and he became the leader. The final part of the route, on the Parque del Alamillo, was a real crowd bath for the winner, who received the affection of all his countrymen in the final meters. Samer Ali Saad raised his arms as the winner of the Seville Triathlon for the second consecutive year with a time of 1:55.58. At 39 seconds came the triathlete of the CD Triathlon Marbella Bruno Raso, second in the absolute category and winner in sub 23. The podium was completed by Germán Rodríguez.

In the female category it was another Sevillian like María Pujol who got the win. The ADS-Zambru's Bikes triathlete returned to her test after three years without participating in it. And she noticed that she wanted to, because she put the direct one from the beginning. She came out of each of the transitions in first position, reaching the finish line with a time of 2:03.38, almost two minutes better than Beatriz Jiménez, from CT Alhaurín-Conscorve. Third was Elena Aguilar.

In addition to the Olympic triathletes, it was a day full of competitions. From 11 in the morning, when the little ones came out in the aquathlon, until nine at night, with the awards ceremony. In total, almost 3000 participants in a triathlon that is growing and has established itself as a reference event for athletes.


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