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CLA (Conjugated Linolenic Acid) to reduce body fat

The CLA is one of the most used products currently among the Cross-Training, HIT and Fitness sectors due to the effects it has on the reduction of fat mass.

In general, we can find this substrate mainly in different food sources of animal origin and some sources of plant origin such as mushroom common or the safflower oil but they all contain small amounts in general terms.

What is the CLA?

Mainly the CLA has a function of reducing the storage of body fat due to the potentiation of the metabolism

The CLA (Conjugated Linolenic Acid) is a mixture of isomers of a polyunsaturated fatty acid that the human body is NOT capable of synthesizing.

This promotes the reduction of fat mass, in fact, it is achieved thanks to the empowerment and regulation of lipid metabolism In addition to other benefits such as maintaining muscle mass.

Likewise, it has been observed that it could intervene in the functioning of the immune system and thatstimulates the formation of muscle mass. However, it is also known for its antioxidant power and regulation of the metabolism of blood sugar.

Currently the two main isomers of CLA are known, Cis and Trans, both with multiple functions.

In reference to the Trans isomer It has been related to different benefits in inflammatory processes and with a neuroprotective potential.

On the other hand, the Cis isomer has been observed to have the effect on the improvement of body composition and reduction of fat mass; beneficial effects on bone health and also stimulates muscle metabolism.

What is the CLA for?

Reduction of body fat and maintenance of muscle mass

Primarily the CLA has a function of reduce the storage of body fat due to the potentiation of metabolism, but we can find many other functions that are related to it. It also has an effect of improvement in the processes of oxidation of fats.

It favors an improvement in our composition due to the reduction of fat stores and the stimulation of protein synthesis.

This is because it enhances the use of body fat as an energy substrate facilitating the maintenance of muscle mass in its maximum conditions.

Likewise, it has been observed that it would have a beneficial effect in the maintenance of muscle mass in the process of definition, in which we seek a reduction in fat mass and maintenance of muscle mass.

Regulation of blood sugar

On the other hand, it generates a regulation of blood sugar because it would improve the mechanisms of insulin sensitivity on the part of the cells.

Other benefits of the CLA

Likewise, different studies link the CLA with improvements in the symptomatology of inflammatory bowel diseaseIn spite of the fact that more studies are required to be able to demonstrate its complete efficacy, the current studies present very interesting results about this possible benefit.

When to take CLA

The recommendation on the takings would be indicated to take 3,2 g of CLA throughout the day. In general terms, obtaining these doses of CLA through food would be very complex because the amounts present in food are very limited.

Likewise, CLA has a synergistic effect with other regulatory substances and reduction of fat mass, such as L-Carnitine.

On the other hand, it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to take an adequate food guide to your objectives, especially when it comes to improvement on the improvement of weight and fat mass, as we explained in: 6 habits to lose weight according to health experts.

CLA in training

CLA in training

CLA side effects

We always wonder about the possible side effects that a supplement may have.

In principle, if the recommended daily dose is not exceeded, no side effects are shown, but if the dose is exceeded, it could have an effect on a slight increase in triglycerides Although the studies indicate that it does not have clear evidence. Even so, it has proven to be a perfectly safe supplement.

In short, the CLA would be indicated in those people who seek:

  • Reduce the body fat mass.
  • Promote the development of muscle mass.
  • Maintain muscle mass in definition phases.
  • Improve the sensitivity of insulin and carbohydrates.
  • Improve the symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel diseases.

cla to reduce body fat and maintain muscle mass

CLA - Conjugated Linoleic Acid

> Bottle of 100 capsules

Recommended dosage: Take between 3 and 4 capsules preferably with meals.

3.2g of CLA by 4 capsules.

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