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4 Breakfast rich in proteins for the athlete

Both the presence of a balanced breakfast in your day to day, as the composition of this, are crucial factors to take into account to promote an optimal state of health.

Our collaborator NutriSport tells us in this article, why it is interesting to add protein-rich foods to our breakfast.

Un balanced breakfast it favors modifications in our organism at different levels, among which we highlight the feeling of satiety and appetite regulation, hormonal segregations and neuronal signals that control a pattern of food intake.

What are the benefits of including protein at breakfast?

A higher protein content in a meal contributes to a Greater gastric emptying time, so the digestion is prolonged, causing in turn a remarkable sensation of satiety. Proteins induce a hormonal secretion, through various mechanisms, which establish a greater state of satiety. Therefore, an important protein content in breakfast improves the perception of satisfaction after the intake of certain foods, causing in turn, an improvement when choosing foods such as snacks or main courses.

In addition, it causes an alteration in the hormonal-neuronal signaling together with the perception of appetite and satiety, which induces a reduction in the frequency of sweet snacks at night, in addition to favoring a preference for healthier foods.

An fractionated protein intake throughout the day, results in a Higher protein synthesis stimulus, resulting in an improvement in the adaptations to exercise and in turn helps to preserve the musculature. The anabolic stimulation of physical exercise against a resistance (like weights) lasts for the next 24 hours, so that the subjects would benefit from a fractional intake to enhance the anabolic effect of strength exercise on the synthesis and repair of muscle tissue.

Include a protein ratio at breakfast, as indicated in the guidelines for a varied and balanced diet, along with a proportion of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, favors the optimal regulation of parameters such as glycemia (blood sugar) and the insulinemia (insulin in blood), as well as free fatty acids in blood, thus preventing the establishment of diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

Proteins have the ability to induce a greater thermogenic effect, given that the energy that our body allocates to metabolize them is greater compared to the energy destined to metabolize sugars and fats. That is to say, the digestibility of these is less profitable, due to the caloric expenditure that supposes for our organism.

Protein breakfast for your day to day

Here are some delicious ways to ensure adequate protein intake with a moderate absorption carbohydrate complex, along with heart-healthy fats.

breakfast 1

Add half avocado together with a chopped tomato to a scrambled egg of medium size 2. Accompany it with 1 slice of whole grain bread!

breakfast 2

In a medium bowl, add 7 plain scoops of oat flakes together with 150 ml of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk. Heat it in the microwave until you get a pleasant texture on the palate. Includes 1 puñadito or 20 grams of almonds with skin together with 1 piece (or 150 grams) of seasonal fruit!

breakfast 3

In a medium bowl, pour 150 grams of fresh cheese shake type Natural skimmed Quark or natural skimmed cottage cheese. Add seasonal fruit with 2-3 dessert spoons of honey.

breakfast 4

In 2 medium slices of whole grain bread with tomato sliced, add 50-70 grams of canned or fresh tuna or salmon. Use oregano or dill to adapt it to your liking!

We summarize in the following infographic all the benefits mentioned above:

 Breakfast protein infographic

More information: https://nutrisport.es

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