How much Magnesium should an athlete take?

Ana María Lajusticia explains the recommended amounts of Magnesium per day, and specifically for athletes.



Our collaborator AMLSPORT through Ana Maria de la Justicia tells us that doses are recommended for the consumption of magnesium in athletes.

In the case that you have Cramps, Contractures, anxiety... about 400 to 500 mgr of ion Mg ++ per day.

But if you also have arrhythmias o tachycardias, I think that from 400 to 800 mgr / day, distributed in 3 or 4 takes, that is, with breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.


 Magnesium is essential for muscle relaxation, obtaining energy in the Krebs cycle and in the formation and repair of tissues.


The one who recommends 300 mgr / day, has studied the subject a little, does not know that certain people assimilate it poorly and our needs are increased, and that the people who have the longest life expectancy on earth, the Japanese, take some 650 mgr / day with your diet.

If you want to know more about the benefits of magnesion in sports, the book has been published.Magnesium in sports"where is explained why it is necessary to take this mineral in our diet

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