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The new release of Nutrisport, the ideal Endurance Pack for Triathlon

NutriSport announces the launch of a novel and innovative ENDURANCE PACK.

Run more, get less tired, go higher, and that performance does not drop. The Nutrisport team is committed to providing you with the energy you need for the before, during and after of all the challenges that you propose.

Hydrate yourself as the elite. He ENDURANCE PACK Includes sticks SPORT DRINK ZERO CALORIES based on mineral salts (Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium) to ensure a replacement of the electrolytes lost through sweat.

Nutrition Pack Endurance Nutrisport

Make sure you have a correct supply of Magnesium with MGSPORT for an efficient muscle contraction and thus not slow down!

It provides energy in the form of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates. Avoid overloading the stomach and improving intestinal sensation with SPRINT GEL.

When you approach the "Wall”… Don't lower your performance! Delays the perception of fatigue centrally with ENERSHOT (shot that provides 80 mg of caffeine) and focus on your goal.

Last but not least, it optimizes the filling of muscular energy reserves and stimulates the repair processes of muscle tissue with STRESSNUTRIL. In addition, it provides the necessary nutrients to favor an optimal state of the body's defenses.

What will you find in the ENDURANCE PACK?

  • 5 x MGSPORT
  • 3 x SPORT DRINK 0 CALORIE Sticks.  
  • 2 x SPRINT GEL
  • 2 x ENERSHOT
  • 1 BIDON

For more information, www.nutrisport.es or social networks:

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