The success of the Ironman 70.3 Cascais - Portugal: More than half a million people followed the live through Streaming

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 The first edition of Cascais Ironman 70.3 in Portugal was a resounding success, not only of participants where the poster of "sold out" with 2200 participants was hung but also in the follow-up online with more than 500.000 users following the test.

The past 3 of September the first edition of the Ironman 70.3 by Cascais with the victory of the Portuguese triathlete Vanessa Fernandes And French Denis Chevrot. It was also a test with very good results for the Spanish triathletes, with five top7: Sara Loehr 2ª, Saleta Castro 5ª, Patricia Bueno 7ª, Iván Tejero 4º and Jordi Pascual 7º. In total there were more than 2000 finishers and 50 slots were awarded for the IM 70.3 World Cup in South Africa.

The test was not only a sporting success, but also a level of tracking the test through the internet. There was more than 250.000 reproductions live the retransmission in and over 258.000 through facebook. In total more than 500.000 people were following the Ironman 70.3 by Cascais which is a great success for a country like Portugal, as a tourist destination for athletes and also for the sponsors and organizers of the competition, where all the effort they made paid off both in the race and in online monitoring. The video with the best moments of the test was also a great success, published on the same 3 day of September with more than 130.000 reproductions on the Facebook page of Ironman 70.3 Cascais.

Looking to 2018 the Ironman 70.3 from Cascais - Portugal Your date has changed, happening to celebrate the 30 of September of 2018. Registration is open and we are convinced that, as in its first edition, registrations will be exhausted and it will be a successful participation.

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