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Fernando Alarza sweeps the Ironman 70.3 Cascais and qualifies for the 2019 World Championship

Fernando Alarza's big-time debut with a resounding victory at the Ironman 70.3 in Portugal in the town of Cascais.

This morning the second edition of the Ironman 70.3 Portugal - Cascais, a record test, with more than 2600 triathletes and almost 450 Spanish in the fray, breaking all the records of Spanish participation in tests outside our territory. He Ironman 70.3 Cascais It was also the test with the most Iberian participation of the year, if we add the participation of Portuguese and Spanish triathletes.

The best triathletes of the Olympic distance debuted in a big way in tests of the Ironman 70.3 circuit, Tim Don, Javier Gómez Noya, Iván Raña and Alistair Brownlee they did it with victory and Jan Frodeno with a second position. Fernando Alarza He did not want to be less than them and has also risen to the podium, at the top in the Ironman 70.3 in Cascais.

The test began with the 1900 meters of swimming and I fernado Alarza leading from the first meters. The current European runner-up set a very high pace that no one could follow and reached only T1, with a time of 22:32. A 51 »was second Joao Silva already 56 » Azevedo. Fourth was Jon Unanue at 1'21 »leading a group of 8 units where he was also Miguel Angel Fildago Dani Mujica y Pakillo Fernandez-Cortés they came out almost 2 ′ from Alarza and further back Gustavo Rodriguez y Pedro Joseph Andújar they did it at more than 4 ′. In T1 the talaverano increased his advantage again, made a quick transition and got on the bike with more than 1'10 »on Acevedo y Silva

Alarza began to pedal hard and passed the 25 km with a 2 ′ advantage over a group of 11 units where he was Fidalgo Further back the second chasing group was led by Gustavo Rodiguez y Pedro Andújar more than 4 ′. Passing through kilometer 68 Fernando Alarza he continued to lead the competition, although his advantage had been reduced. Second was French Kevin Rundstadler at 1'27 "and third was Gustavo Rodriguez almost 3 ′, which had been going up together with Pedro Joseph Andujar and they were less than 3 ′ from Alarza pulling a large group dona was also Silva and Fidalgo

At kilometer 74,5 Fernando Alarza he was still alone in the lead but the advantage was only 24 »with the French Rundstadler and less than 2 ′ with Gustavo y Andujar. In the final 15km Rundstadler he took the head of the test and placed himself leader, arriving at T2 alone. 1'34 ”from him I did Gustavo Rodriguez who had also caught Alarza, who was third to 15 "from the Galician. Fourth came Pedro Andújar 2'18 "from the head of the race and fifth Acevedo 30 "from Murcia, giving time to a group with Norris, Silva y Estrageiro among others.

The French Kevin Rundstadler he began to run the 21 km race on foot, with Alarza and Gustavo almost 2 ′ behind him. At 45 »he did Pedro Andújar and a little further back the group of Azevedo and Silva. Passing through the 5,5 km Fernando Alarza was already leading the competition, not only had he cut the difference of 2 ′ with the French but he had already got 1 ′ at this point. Third was the Russian Kalistratov 2 ′ from Alarza, pulling a quartet where they were going Silva, Fidalgo and Azevedo.

Passing the 10,6 kilometer Fernando Alarza had practically sentenced the race, with more than 3 ′ on his pursuers. In the second half of the foot race segment Alarza He dedicated himself to controlling the rest of the triathletes who were fighting for second place and receiving the recognition of the fans who did not stop cheering for the man from Talavera. Even so, the Spaniard increased his advantage to 3'30 »at km 15,6, over a quartet formed by Norris, Azevedo, Silva and Klastratov.

Finally triumph with a lot of authority Fernando Alarza at Ironman 70.3 de Portugal - Cascais. He thus joined Iván Raña, Victor del Corral, Eneko Llanos and Javier Gómez Noya like the five Spaniards with victories in Ironman 70.3 tests. If he won the 70.3 in Cascais, he also had an added prize, the automatic classification for the 70.3 Ironman 2019 World Championship in Nice.

The second position was for Joan Silva and the third place for Philip Azevedo. 100% Iberian podium, with one Spanish and two Portuguese. The next Spaniards in the top10 were Gustavo Rodríguez sixth and Pedro Jose Andujaninth

Interview Fernando Alarza in goal

TOP 10 Ironman 70.3 Portugal - Cascais

1.- Fernando Alarza 3: 54: 57
2.- Joao Silva 3: 57: 23
3.- Filipe Azevedo 3: 57: 41
4.- Aleksey Kalistratov 3: 57: 43
5.- Colin Norris 3: 57: 48
6.- Gustavo Rodríguez 4:00:10
7.- Thomas Steger 4: 01: 42
8.- Jose Estrangeito 4: 02: 38
9.- Pedro Jose Andújar 4:03:23
10.- Guillaume Doree 4: 04: 21

As for the female category, the victory has been for the Polish Angieszka Jerzyk with a time of 4: 26: 06 followed by the Belgian Katrien Verstuyft with 4:27:06 and the British Sara Lewis with 4: 30: 17

The test began with the Austrian Beatrice White leaving the water alone with a time of 25:19. At 1'10 ”the Helene Alberdi, the only Spanish PRO in the test, giving time to a quartet with the British Sara Lewis, Polish Angieszka Jerzyk and the Belgian Katrien Verstuyft.

At kilometer 25 of the cycling segment White I was still the leader but with the Polish Jerzyk just 15 "from it. A little further back 49 ”from the leader was Verstuyft already 1'37 » Lewis. Meanwhile Helene Alberdi it was fifth at 4:45. At kilometer 68 Jerzyk he was leading alone, with a 1 ′ advantage over Wiss and 3'30 »on Verstuyft. In the last kilometers of cycling the Polish increased her lead and came first to the second transition with more than 2 minutes of advantage over the Austrian Gehnböck that he had gone up several positions. Third era White stuck to his compatriot. Quarter Verstuyft more than 4 ′ and fifth Lewis almost 6.

The half marathon started just like the men, Jerzyk It went all out and considerably increased the advantage. At kilometer 5,5 his advantage was more than 3 ′ with Weiss. Once the segment is measured, at kilometer 10,5 Jerzyk remained leader, with 2'45 »over Verstuyft, who was making up time and placed second. At kilometer 15,6 Verstuyft had managed to cut 1 ′ to the Polish and was 1'42 ”although the leader held up the Belgian's comeback well.

Finally triumph in the Ironman 70.3 of Cascais for the Polish Angieszka Jerzyk with a time of 4: 26: 06. Second has been the Belgian Katrien Verstuyft with 4:27:16 and third the British Sara Lewis with 4:30:17. The only Spanish representative, Helene Alberdi has finished in seventh position

Women's Classification

1 Jerzyk, Agnieszka (POL) 04: 26: 06

2 Verstuyft, Katrien (BEL) + 01: 10

3 Lewis, Sarah (GBR) + 04: 11

4 Weiß, Beatrice (AUT) +07: 35

5 Gehnböck, Sylvia (AUT) +11: 49

6 Stadelmann, Sabrina (SUI) + 12: 56

7 Alberdi Sololuze, Helene (ESP) + 13: 46


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