IRONMAN changes the mass output of the Kona IRONMAN

Now it will be with an output format every 5 minutes

The organization announced yesterday on its social networks that it will no longer make the massive exit and will implement a new protocol at the swim exit.

For the first time, IRONMAN Kona it will change its output format for another one in sections, which is already used by many tests throughout the circuit.

The first to leave will be the professionals at 6:25 a.m. for men and 6:30 a.m. for women, to later make way for the Age groups with departures every 5 minutes

- 6: 25 (MPRO)
- 6: 30 (fpro)
- 6: 35 (OPEN PC / HC)
- 6: 55 (m18- 39)
- 7: 00 (m40- 44)
- 7: 05 (m45- 49)
- 7: 10 (m50 +)
- 7: 15 (f18- 39)
- 7: 20 (f40- 54)
- 7: 25 (f55 +)
- 7: 30 (legacy)

Stress of the athlete, the main cause of change

The decision to move to this type of exit has been made after performing a comprehensive analysis of the athlete's data in order to reduce the density of the athlete

The new start times are not going to change the existing cutting standards for the Ironman world championship: 2: 20 for swimming and 10: 30 for the bike.

Athletes will also have to reach the finish line within 17 hours to be the official finisher of the race.

There are no previous results.

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