10 days for the Leeds World Series with a Luxury poster

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Only 10 days remain for the celebration of the WTS of Leeds, where Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza arrive as first and second of the general classification of the World Triathlon Series.

Next 10 on June, the fourth round of the Triathlon World Series will be held, after Abu Dhabi, Islands Shorts y Yokohama It is the turn of the beginning of the European calendar with the WTS de Leeds, in the brothers' house Brownlee. It will be the third time this race is played in "BB territory" that the two previous ones have always been doublet Alistair-Jonathan. In women also has two luxury winners, last year triumphed Flora Duffy and in 2016 Jorgensen He took the victory, his last win in a WTS.

Two months ago we announced that the test of Abu Dhabi it was going to be the race of the year for the triathletes enrolled there ... but after two months, Leeds will become the most outstanding of the entire season, with all and all, the and the great of the Olympic distance, in liza.

In the male category Mario Mola arrives plenteous after the victory in the WTS of Yokohama where he consolidated the leadership of the world, while Fernando Alarza He was also a podium winner in Japan (3º), which earned him second place in the triathlon world ranking. The rest of the Spanish representatives will be Antonio Serrat, 11º in Yokohama, Cesc Godoy y Vicente Hernández who returns after having lost the last two competitions due to injury.

Mario Mola world leader triathlon Yokohama

The Spaniards will have a hard time repeating the Yokohama result, since Mola and Alarza are registered with the rest of the current top10 of the WTS: Birtwhistle, Shoeman, Mislawchuk, Iden, Luis, Le Corre, Bailie and Berge, in addition to the Norwegians Casper Stornes y Kristian Blummenfelt along with the current Olympic champion and runner-up Alistair y Jonathan Brownlee.

As far as the feminine test is concerned, Sara Perez y Anna Godoy They are the Spanish representatives. Sara arrives in good condition in the way it showed at Fuente Álamo and Anna with desire to capture the good feelings of Yokohama where he had to leave for a fall on his bike when he was in the front group.

Flora Duffy It will be the big favorite in a test where nine of the ten best of the WTS world ranking are registered: Duffy, Zaferes, Kasper, Lindemann, Takahashi, Sato, Klamer, Holland and Michell. It will also be necessary to consider a young American Taylor Knibb.

Photos: Janos M. Schmidt / ITU Media / Delly Car

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