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1º World Congress of Science in Triathlon

Representatives from 16 countries will attend the first World Congress of Science in Triathlon, which will take place from March 24 to 26 at the University of Alicante (UA), in which they will talk, among other aspects, about the biological passport, a new system anti-doping that is being implemented in sport.

The meeting will be attended by more than 250 congressmen from Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy, among other countries.

At the scientific meeting, 66 papers and 27 posters will be presented, coming from all over the world, addressing different topics related to the practice of triathlon, such as psychology, sports medicine, sociology or anthropometry.


The organization of the congress is based on the research on triathlon carried out by the UA, a pioneering center in this line of studies carried out by Professor Roberto Cejuela-also president of this world meeting- and which are included within the working group that Directed by José Antonio Pérez Turpín.


In addition, compliance with the values ​​of Olympism, such as respect for the Environment, which occurs with the practice of triathlon and the fact that it is a characteristic activity of the Mediterranean area are other reasons why the congress will be held in the UA.

The Mediterranean strip has the right conditions to practice this sport outdoors, without the need for infrastructure.

In Alicante, the triathlon sports offer has developed quite a lot in recent years, to the point of having spread widely popularly and even beyond the sports level of federative licenses.

The sports of the sea and characteristic of the Mediterranean area, such as rowing, beach volleyball, triathlon, Valencian ball and physical activity and health, are the subject of pioneering research by the UA, since they were not taught in other faculties before, and provide students with skills for application in the workplace.

The president of the International Triathlon Federation and the only Spanish woman member of the International Olympic Committee, Marisol Casado, and the rector of the UA, Ignacio Jiménez Raneda, will open the world congress.

The conclave will combine plenary lectures given by international experts, technical talks, a practical workshop, and oral and poster presentations.

Thus, the president of the Medical Committee of the Cycling Union, Mario Zorzoli, will speak about doping in athletes in his conference on the 24th, entitled "Biological passport parameters", a new anti-doping system that is being implemented in the world of sport.

Prior to him, Grégoire P. Millet, from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), will speak about the physiological needs of triathlon.

On the same day, another of the speakers, Roberto Cejuela, will present in his presentation "Quantification of the training load in triathlon" this essential tool for coaches.

Among the oral presentations on the first day, the one by David Lyle stands out, who will analyze the adaptations of sport for people with physical or mental disabilities.

The congress, recognized as being of health interest by the Ministry of Health, is aimed at Sports Science students, sports professionals, researchers and self-taught.

The best selected scientific communications will be published as articles in the "Journal of Human Sport and Exercise". EFE


Source: www.abc.es

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