The 2 phases of de-escalation that the government studies. Keep talking about the possibility of leaving sports under controlled conditions

One of the possibilities has been called "attenuated normalization" and would consist of two phases

As reported MSN, the Government does not rule out asking for a further extension of the alarm status, which would probably last until May 11.

But in addition to continuing with these measures is studying how to make way for the "de-escalation" when the confinement of citizens ends.

Two stages of de-escalation

One of the possibilities has been called «attenuated normalization»And would consist of two phases, one that would begin in June to July and another that would last until the end of the year.

In the first phase controlled movements will be allowed

At least in this first stage is when movements will continue to be limited and remotely controlledia

In this phase it will be when perhaps some autonomous communities could see a greater degree of openness than others depending on the presence in them of the coronavirus.

The design of the so-called "new normal" will be done based on the evolution of the pandemic, of how the virus continues to spread and its impact on a health system, which is already showing signs of some decongestion after critical moments in recent weeks.

It would start in June and July and the second one would last until the end of the year.

According to comments from the Government, the "attenuated" normalization process would arrive in a first phase in June and July and the second would last until the end of the year.

It is not expected that until this second stage they can begin to open bars, restaurants and other hospitality establishments.

Will not get out of confinement at once

This progressive calendar makes it clear that, as the Executive has already warned, we will not emerge from confinement at once.

Movements will also be restricted and monitored.

As pointed out a few weeks ago by the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, the area that can be covered by public transport will be parallel to the progressive return to activity.

Thus,  ruled out medium and long distance journeys in the first moments.

Sport and going out with children may be some of the first measures

The ministers insist that the normalization process has not yet started.

They also indicate that what could happen before is that the confinement is to make some points more flexible, such as playing sports outdoors or that children can go for a walk, although in controlled conditions.


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