Less than 2 weeks for the Hamburg World Series

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The next 14 in July will be held the sixth round of the WTS circuit in the German city of Hamburg, where Mario Mola and Katie Zaferes lead the world championship.

In the men's classification Mario Mola advantage in 1433 points to the second classified Vicent Luis, while the feminine one is much more open with Katie Zaferes, Vicky Holland, Rachel Klamer y Flora Duffy in just 600 points ..

At the moment Mario this year has participated in four tests getting the victory in Yokohama, 2 second places in Abu Dhabi and Leeds and a fourth place in Bermuda, this being the worst result to date.

Mario Mola You already know what it is to win in this event, where you have already achieved the victory in 2017 and 2016

Male Ranking

WTS Men's Ranking

Female Ranking

WTS Women's Ranking

The test that will be held on sprint distance will start the 16: 40 with the men's test and the 18: 40 with the female test

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Photo: ITU Media / Wagner Araujo :: 2017 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Rotterdam

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