226 kilometers without rest to help children with GRINpathies

The goal is to do it in less than 16 hours since each minute that falls below that mark will be received from € 1 to € 3

The president of the Spanish Association of GRINpathies, Andres Dominguez, will participate in the seventh edition of the Northwest Triman in As Pontes (A Coruña) with the aim of raising funds for the research project on this disease carried out by the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona.

La Spanish Association of GRINpathies seeks funding to help Dr. García-Cazorla's team develop a scale that measures the symptoms of each patient, which will allow evaluate the effect of therapies in which children affected by this rare disease participate, suffered by about 500 people around the world.

Symptomatology of GRIN diseases cause neurodevelopmental disorders by mutations in NMDA receptors, very important for memory and learning.

In Spain they are only fifty detected cases of this disorder of genetic origin, that affects brain development and function and is manifested by various symptoms such as intellectual disability, motor disorders, epilepsy, sleep disorders, digestive disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

The goal: Northwest Triman in As Pontes

To help researchers finance this objective, the president of the Association, Andrés Domínguez, father of an affected girl, will participate in the seventh edition of the Northwest Triman in As Pontes (A Coruña) on June 27, to carry out 3,8 , 180 km of swimming, 42,2 km of cycling and XNUMX km of running.

The goal is to do it in less than 16 hours because, for every minute that goes down in this time, sponsors who join the challenge will do a financial contribution of between 1 and 3 euros depending on the chosen collaboration modality (gold, silver or bronze).

For this reason, GRINpatías is calling on society to join this challenge, either personally or corporately, and collaborate economically to the extent of their possibilities to improve the lives of the affected children.

The funds raised are        will be allocated entirely to the research project carried out at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and will allow hiring a researcher to create this diagnostic scale

This is something of the utmost importance, since it has a direct impact on the evaluation of the therapies with which 23 boys and girls are already being treated, many of whom have seen their motor and communication skills significantly improve.

Companies and institutions that want to participate in the GRINpatias challenge will find all the information at www.grinpatias.org

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