24 Spaniards in the European Triathlon Championship in Olsztyn 

This Saturday the final of the Triathlon European Championship in Olsztyn (Poland)

Elite, under-23 and junior athletes will compete in semifinal and final format super sprint,

In the test we find the Spanish Genis Grau y Noelia Juan in the elite category.

In the men's event Genis starts with options but will have rivals such as the Italian Nicola Azzano among others.

The women's race will have a strong German team that can occupy the first places in the competition

You can check the start list in this link

24 Spanish

In the test there will be 24 Spaniards between the elite, sub23, Junior and Paratriathlon categories.

This is the complete list of Spaniards

Athlete Category
Genis Grau Elite
Noelia John Elite
Ander Noain Lacamara Sub23
Igor Bellido Mikhailova Sub23
Marta Pintanel Raymundo Sub23
Maria Casals Mojica Sub23
Paula Del Pozo Drunkard Sub23
Marta Pintanel Raymundo Junior
Maria Casals Mojica Junior
Paula Del Pozo Drunkard Junior
Maria Teresa Jimenez-Orta Guerrero Junior
Elsa Pena Vincent Junior
Helena Moragas Molina Junior
Susana Rodríguez PTVI
Héctor Catalá PTVI
José Luis García PTVI
Jairo Ruiz PTS5
Alex Sanchez Palomero PTS4
Martha French PTS4
Andrea Miguelez PTS4
Dani Molina PTS3
Kini Carrasco PTS3
Lionel Morales PTS2
Rakel Mateo PTS2


1) Semifinals Elite/U23 and Junior Supersprint (Friday / 27.05.2022)
2) finals Elite/U23 and Junior Supersprint (Saturday / 28.05.2022)
3) mixed relay Junior (Sunday / 29.05.2022) )
4) Paratriathlon (Sprint)
5) Age groups (Sunday / 29.05.2022)

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