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3 World champions will be on the starting line of ProTour

Iván Raña, Javier Gómez Noya and Mario Mola will be in the test

El ProTour FETRI Pontevedra 2019 will be the largest meeting of aces of the national triathlon held so far, placing the three world champions (Iván Raña, Javier Gómez Noya and Mario Mola) and the most outstanding triathletes this year

On the occasion of a historic event, the Spanish Triathlon Federation has prepared a special memory in the form of a deck of cards with the image of each participant in the tests to be held on October 12 and 13, and which will be broadcast live by LaLigaSportsTV.

Anna Godoy, Sara Pérez Sala, Carolina Routier y Ainhoa ​​Murua They are the aces of the deck dedicated to female participation, and that with Tamara Gómez will form the Gold Group that will participate in various events throughout the day on Friday in Pontevedra.

The four male aces of the ProTour FETRI deck are the three World Champions, Javier Gómez Noya, Mario Mola e Ivan Raña, Together with Fernando Alarza, Second best Spanish triathlete in the ITU Olympic classification ranking, which awarded four places for the historic meeting of the national triathlon.

The bib numbers have already been assigned, depending on the international and Spanish criteria of the Sprint and Olympic distance Triathlon for the intense competitions on Saturday and Sunday, which can also be followed through TVG and around the world in TriathlonLive .

ProTour 2019 definitive listing

Women Men
Anna Godoy Mario Mola
Sara Pérez Sala Fernando Alarza
Carol Routier Javier Gómez Noya
Ainhoa ​​Murúa Antonio Serrat
Anneke Jenkins Ivan Raña
Tamara Gómez Javi Lluch
Camila Alonso Alberto González
Marta Pintanel Genís Grau
María Rico Jordi García
Noelia Juan Cesc Godoy
Sara Guerrero David Castro
Joselyn Brea Andrés Cendán
Claudia perez Ivan Gil
Ana Mariblanca Guillem Montiel
Paula Herrero Alberto Castiñeira
Irenal Arenal Javier Romo
Raquel Arostegui Carlos Oliver
I would go Rodríguez Ander Noaín
Paula García Godino Héctor Arévalo
Sofia Aguayo Albert Parreño
Sonia Ruiz Adriá Muñoz
Delioma González Camilo Puertas
Ana Maria Santiso Jesús Gomar
Esther Gomez Roger Mirabet
Edymar Brea Alejandro Cañas
Yaiza Saiz Roberto Sánchez Mantecón
Rachel Perez Jordi Relats
Lucia Vergara Andrés Eduardo Díaz
Marina Muñoz Aleix Domenech
Use Ostolaza Rubén Pereira
Andrea Fernandez David Huertas
Alba Álvarez Enric Joan Tejedor
Tania Alvarez David Doors
Anna Flaquer Guillermo Cuchillo
Guillem Segura
Álvaro Martínez
Mikel Ibergallartu

On Saturday the tie and on Sunday the semifinals and final

On Saturday 12, in the afternoon, the elimination competition will be held in which only 15 athletes of the more than 30 who start the test will reach the last race on foot after playing two consecutive SuperSprint.

On Sunday 14 there will be two women's and two men's semifinals prior to the final of each category, always in SuperSprint distance, which will only be accessed by the triathletes classified in the top ten positions of their semifinal.

ProTour FETRI Pontevedra will take place in the surroundings of the Lérez river and the Puente de los Tirantes, in Pontevedra, with easy access for spectators to the different segments and the main area of ​​the competition, the transition and the finish line on Avenida de Buenos Aires, where exciting moments will be lived with the eliminations of each day.

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