3 weeks for the Long Course Weekend Mallorca, 3 tests, 3 disciplines, 1 competition

It is an ideal test to end the season.

The next 26, 27 and 28 for October 2019 will be held in Alcudia Mallorca a new edition ofl Long Course Weekend Mallorca.

This competition is composed of 3 triathlon disciplines (swimming, cycling and running on foot) during the 3 days that the competition lasts, with a specific day for each sport: Swim Day, Bike Day and Run Day.

Athletes may compete in individual events or participate in the Long Course Weekend The 3 competition days will have to participate in the medium or long distance format.


 You can choose between 3 tests, 3 sports, or do everything in a competition

The organization offers many ways to participate in this sport party. You can participate in the sport you want, in several or in the 3 tests, being part of the Long Course Weekend.

This is an ideal competition to travel in a group or with your club to end the season in one of the best known areas of the Island of Mallorca

The distances of the competition are as follows:

El Swim Day It is the day of swimming with various crossings in the bay of Alcudia. The distances are 750, 1.500, 1,900 and 3,800 m of travel.

El Bike Day, it has two cycling gears, one of 86 km and another 172 km.

The competition will end with the Run Day, where athletes can compete in a test of 5, 10, 21 or 42 km travel.

Further information: http://www.lcwmallorca.com/es/

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