4.000 triathletes in 2011 have been the stars of the TriStar season

A total of 4.000 triathletes have been the true stars of the season in the 9 events with 15 triathlons that have made up the TriStar world series during 2011.

Next year the number of TriStar city-destinations increases to 12, which represents continued growth this season based on the successful TriStar111 format (1 km of swimming, 100 km of cycling and 10 km of running), that like the rest of the TriStar distances (11.1, 33.3, 55.5 and 222) have been officially recognized by the ITU. Nevis, Mallorca, Worms, Madrid, Lyon, Estonia-Otepää, Minnesota, Monaco and Split hosted up to 15 different triathlons during 2011. Deauville, Berlin and Sardinia are the new races already announced that will be added to the list next year.

These exclusive and attractive tourist destinations offer triathletes unique and demanding cycling tours and guaranteed fun. The TriStar111 format is ideal for achieving a rapid recovery of the athlete after physical effort. All races have been followed through the web www.TriStarLive.com.

The main protagonist of the Star Events season has been the Swiss triathlete Olivier Marceau with two victories (TriStar111 Mallorca and StarMile2.5 Nevis), with a second place in the TriStar111 Nevis and fourth in the TriStar111 Estonia. Marceau has been the professional who has been on the TriStar podiums the most times and is today the best specialist in the world in this distance.

TriStar Nevis
The first victory with 3h34: 18 in one of the first triathlons held in 2011 around the world was for Australian Chris 'Macca' McCormack, current world champion. Marceau and the Canadian Wolfgang Guembel were second and third, respectively, over the 111 km contested on the Caribbean island. Britain's Emma-Kate Lidbury was the winner, followed by Fernanda Keller and Guylyne Louis. The winners of the TriStar33.3, held in parallel, were the Dutch Gilles Janssen and the British Laura Briggs. There was also a spectacular StarMile2.5 (open water swimming event in the middle of the Caribbean), which was awarded to Olivier Marceu.

TriStar Mallorca
Also held in April, the historic Portocolom Olympic Triathlon gave way to the first TriStar55.5 and TriStar111 Mallorca. The men's 111 start list may have been the highest-level long-distance triathlon of the entire year: Chris McCormack,Marcel Zamora, Norman Stadler, Lothar Leder, Ain-Alar Juhanson, Olivier Marceau, Esben Hovgaard, Joel Jameson, Francesc Godoy, Potrebitsch...The double climb to Sant Salvador made the TriStar Mallorca quite a tough test. Olivier Marceau was the just winner, accompanied on the podium by the Spanish Marcel Zamora and the German Normann Stadler, second and third respectively, who stood up to the end in a very interesting competition. The Irish Eimear Mullan was the winner, and that debuted as a professional, ahead of the English Tamsin Lewis and the German Heidi Jesberger. The Barcelona-born Richard Calle and the Mallorcan Catalina Villalonga achieved victory in the TriStar55.5 Mallorca, held on the same day.

TriStar Worms-Germany
This is one of the fastest events in the TriStar World Series. Among the 1.000 triathletes of 21 nationalities present at the start of the second edition of TriStar111 Worms-Germany, the German Markus Fachbach (3:26:59) and New Zealand Britta Martin (3:44:45) were the winners with two spectacular marks. Johann Moldan was second at 1:30 behind Fachbach, and Stefan Schmid, third. In the female category they were second and third Beate Goertz and Belgian Debbie Verstraeten, respectively. The TriStar33.3 Worms Germany was won by Maik Fluck and Anna-Lena Pohl. In 2012, the event is held in June and the cycling segment has been varied precisely so that the event continues to offer the same organizational quality as in 2010 to even a greater number of triathletes.

TriStar Madrid
The capital of Spain hosted the second TriStar111 of the season in Spain. As a novelty and due to the peculiarities of the cycling route (10 laps of 10 km in the Casa de Campo), drafting - riding a wheel - was allowed. The local triathletes José Almagro, former professional cyclist, and Esther Leal, were the winners in a hot and very fun day, in a perfect circuit for the spectators to experience the entire development of the race from the beginning to the end. Almagro won in a tougher test than it seemed a priori with 3:52:34, followed by Jaime Menéndez de Luarca and Álvaro Velázquez, also from Spain. In the women's category, Leal, Spain's long-distance runner-up, set a final time of 4:50:35, beating Fátima Blázquez, a two-time Olympian cyclist by 5 minutes. Third was the Dutch triathlete Marlies Galesloot (5:08:26).

TriStar Lyon
The French gastronomic capital witnessed the first TriStar111 held in this country, with almost 400 registrants and high-level professionals. Despite the rain, the day was very intense and attractive in sports. The men's podium was totally French, with the victory of Sylvain Sudrie (4:26:33) followed by Romain Guillaume and Nicolas Fernandez. The gala Juliette Benedicto with 4:59:20 was the champion with 15 minutes of advantage over the Swiss Lisa Stucki, second, and the Australian Christine Hemphill, third. The girls maintained a beautiful contest until the end for the podium. The TriStar55.5 Lyon went to Antony Landreau and Agnes Laratta, both French.

TriStar Estonia
On the 5th, 6th and 7th of August Pühajärve experienced the most fun triathlon festival in Estonia with three events: TriStar11.1, TriStar33.3 and TriStar111 Estonia, as well as a StarRun 5 km race. German Thomas Hellriegel achieved the fastest and tightest victory on the circuit so far with an impressive time of 3:22:53, ahead of Irishman Bryan McCrystal less than 20 seconds away. Third was local triathlete Kirill Kotsegarov. In the female category, the English Rachel Joyce won with 3h30: 44, followed by the Finns Merja Kiviranta and Tiina Boman. The very young Russian triathlete Vasily Krestyaninov won the TriStar11.1 Estonia and was third in the TriStar33.3. Laura Kallas took the win at distance 11.1. Allar Soo and Sille Puhu were the winners of the TriStar33.3 Estonia.

TriStar Minnesota
In late August TriStar held its first test in the United States. The idyllic Maple Grove Natural Park, in Minnesota, was the perfect setting where the TriStar111 Minnesota shared the weekend with the Maple Grove Triahthlon, and where the German Maik Twelsiek broke the TriStar111 record by 8 seconds: 3:22:45. Americans Karl Bordine and Devon Palmer were second and third, respectively. Jenny Wilcox was the first TriStar Minnesota winner, just ahead of Julie Hull and Leah Prudhomme. Macca, the top favorite to win, had to abandon the competition due to mechanical problems in the cycling segment.

TriStar Monaco
The Formula 1 triathlon returned to Monaco to offer one of the most exclusive and desirable destinations for the almost 1.000 triathletes who participated between the individual category and the relay team category. His demanding cycling route and a light rain at the beginning of the test made the competition tougher. The German JohannesMoldan achieved a great victory in the mythical Formula 1 scene through the streets of Monte Carlo thanks to a great cycling segment and his power to face the tough race on foot. The youngest triathlete in the competition, Rodolphe Von Berg, was second and Karl Shaw, third. Olivier Marceau could not fight to repeat his 2010 victory in this same scenario because of several crashes with the bicycle. The French Johanna Daumas (4:17:28) achieved a wide advantage of 5 minutes over the Irish Eimear Mullan (winner in Mallorca) with a very high pace, which was somewhat reduced at the finish line near the Casino and the legendary Café Paris from Monte Carlo. Third in goal was the Swiss Barbara Bracher

TriStar Split
This intense 2011 season concluded with the inaugural TriStar111 Split. Croatia has been the chosen destination to close the Star Events competition season. Austrian Andi Fusch took victory in this demanding triathlon with 3:49:51. Second was Philipp Podsieldik within 3 minutes, and third was Croatian Dejan Patrcevic. The finish line was located a few meters from the famous palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. The victory in the women's category went to the German Barbara Alber, who led the race from the start. Lauren Simenc (Slovenia) was second and Karla Oblac, third.

The brand TriStar Is property of Star Production SARL, Monaco company specialized in organizing high-quality sporting events, focused on the fun of its participants, social responsibility and environmental protection. The TriStar series has introduced new distances in the sport of triathlon (with its formats 11.1, 33.3, 55.5, 111 and 222 kilometers), officially recognized by the ITU. More information: star-events.cc. In 2012 a total of 21 races in 12 destinations make up the TriStar world circuit: Split (Croatia), Nevis (SKN), Mallorca (ESP), Madrid (ESP), Worms-Germany (GER), Deauville (FRA), Berlin ( GER), Lyon (FRA), Estonia-Otepää (EST), Minnesota (USA), Monaco (MON) and Sardinia (ITA).

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