Crown Sport Nutrition collaborates with Project Sky Runners Kenya, the first African Trail Running team.

Like the beginnings of most companies, those of the Spanish brand are really exciting and have nothing to do with sports.

Its first product, the beef protein powder, was used in countries with child malnutrition such as Argentina and its mission was to one day also take it to Africa through part of the profits generated by Crown Sport Nutrition.

There remained (and remains) a link that for the entire Crown Sport Nutrition family is an obligation; help, add, contribute our grain of sand.

When not long ago, they read this from the physical trainer, Octavio Pérez:

"Skimming the clouds, at 2400m altitude, in Iten, in the cradle of the best long-distance runners in history, a solidarity project promoted from Spain has been born.

Ten elite Kenyans are preparing to become the best athletes and trail runners in the world.

Lives of overcoming and courage; strides full of enthusiasm for a better life united thanks to the first Spanish High Performance campus: «Sky Runners Kenya»"

Something moved within them, since it fulfilled all the objectives they had as a company: High performance, endurance sports, self-improvement, courage and... trying to help them find a better life.

They really loved the idea of ​​being able to collaborate with a project like this since victory and defeat don't mean too much to us, the sport is much more.

Collaborating with a project of this type where athletes have precisely a deficit in the eating process during the race (because of their own culture, they hardly eat or drink), leads them to a learning environment that interests us a lot and from which they will surely get conclusions that will help us all.

That is why they are happy to share this news with the entire world of sports and trail running in particular.


Crown Sport Nutrition is a Spanish brand specializing in high performance.

First Spanish company with Informed Sport anti-doping certification, they have carried out numerous scientific studies with several articles published in JCR Q1 and Q2 that endorse several of their products and their philosophy.

They have science-based formulations, raw materials and premium manufacturing. 

They collaborate with international universities and institutions such as the University of Greenwich, UFV and ESSNA, as well as top-level international athletes, teams and federations.

They are currently expanding internationally in European markets, the Middle East and Latin America.

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