Eagles, Triathletes training center during the winter

The Murcian municipality of Águilas has become a winter training center for ethlie triathletes when it was chosen, last year, by several athletes of this category to carry out their training during the winter, since this region has an ideal climate for putting ready.

During the winter of this year, some athletes from Germany, Austria, France, United Kingdom and a complete triathlon team from Ireland, led by Gavin Noble, have come to train in Eagles; which has given rise to a kind of 'sports community' that has generated great expectation among the aquilines.

The pioneers were Scottish Catriona Morrison, England's Chrissie Wellington and Rachel Joyce, born in Mexico and a British national.

Among the three they accumulate the sporting palmares World Triathlon and Ironman Championship of the last four years and countless victories around the world, as well as gold medals in tests of Ironman, Timberman and Duathlon, among others


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