We analyze the World Cup options for the Triarmada

We review the different options that the Spanish have to get the world title.

On August 31, the grand final of the Triathlon World Series will be held in Laussane (Switzerland), with an open end of the season and with options for Mario Mola , Javier Gómez Noya and Fernando Alarza

We want to review the different options that the Spanish have to get the world title.

Vicent Luis the current leader, with 397 points of difference with Mario Mola

Vicent Luis, is the current world leader with 4.180 points after fifth place in Edmonton. In this test Mario Mola was second rising in the second position of the Ranking, ahead of Javier Gómez Noya, who could not finish the test due to a fall in the cycling sector. Fernando Alarza, who was eighth, is fourth in the standings

Vicent Luis with many options to get the title

The Grand Final awards 1.250 points to the winner, so Vicent Luis World Champion would be proclaimed whenever he finishes among the first 6.

Mario Mola's options

To get the title, Mario Mola he would have to win the test and hope that Vicent Luis does not finish among the first 6, in this case he would surpass him and get his fourth world title.

Javier Gómez Noya's options

In the case of JAvier Gómez Noya, The easiest option to be World Champion is to win the test in Laussane and hope that Vicent Luis does not finish among the first 7 and that Mario Mola is not second.

In this case, the ferrolano would advance everyone getting his sixth world title

Fernando Alarza's options

The Talaverano has it very difficult and depends on whether he wins the test and the first three in the classification finish from 23rd place in the race or that they do not finish the test and be at most fifth.

The options of the Spanish Triplet

After the 7 disputed tests, there are options that we see the Triplet in the podium of the WTS of the Spaniards, but everything happens because Luis does not finish between the first 23 and the Spaniards do podium

Everything will be decided in the Grand Final on Olympic distance

This year they have won in this distance Dorian Connix in Bermuda, Vicent Luis in Yokohama and Jacob Birtwhisle in Leeds. The only Spaniard to get on the podium was Javier Gómez Noya with a second place in Bermuda.

This last test promises to be exciting, where surely the title will be played between Vicent Luis and Mario Mola.

Ranking of the current Ranking

Name Last Name Points
Vincent Luis 4180
Mario Mola 3783
Javier Gómez Noya 3687
Fernando Alarza 3325
Jacob Birtwhistle 3255
Marten Van Rail 2989
Henri Schoeman 2905
Léo Bergere 2512
Hayden Savage 2485
Jelle Geens 2438
In my opinion Bicsák 2348

There are no previous results.

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