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We interviewed Antonio de la Rosa, Adventurer and Race Director, from ECOTRIMAD

Beyond that a triathlon of medium distance "to use" ECOTRIMAD has its own brand and personality, or so at least the more than 5.000 runners who have enjoyed and suffered competing in the spectacular mountain range of Madrid, the same triathletes who have felt to play the sky with his hands when passing under his goal arch in the Medieval Village of Buitrago de Lozoya and its charismatic castle.

5 editions have consolidated ECOTRIMAD with an own spirit, an exciting project that emerged in the 2011 from the hands of three passionate athletes: Joaquín Peces, Ramiro Lahera and Antonio de la Rosa who joined forces, experience and knowledge to design the triathlon they "would have always liked to do" , a sports event that does not leave anyone indifferent.

But all triathletes ever wonder who will be behind the organization, who has designed these spectacular circuits and who struggles year after year to maintain that different triathlon that Ecotrimad has become?

Today we interview Antonio de la Rosa, Ecotrimad Career Director and a "character" with a spectacular experience and curriculum. Antonio has been 7 times Spanish champion of quadratlon and 7º of the world, first Spanish to make a Deca Ironman y Adventure Raids World Champion. He is currently an adventurer of recognized prestige whose challenges leave no one indifferent. In 2016 you will cross Alaska (1,700 kms) on a fat bike, the North pole in Stand Up Padle and the South, in cross-country skiing.

articles_antonio-rosa-270116 We interview Antonio de la Rosa, Adventurer and Race Director, of ECOTRIMAD Triathlon News

Antonio also has extensive experience in organizing sports events. Apart from Ecotrimad he has organized 2 Raids World Championships (Spain 2010 and Costa Rica 2013), several trail running tests and he is the Technical Director of the first stage MTB race in Madrid, The Sierra Norte Bike Challenge. All this has meant that the Community of Madrid has appointed Antonio ambassador of active tourism in Madrid.

How and when did you meet and how did the idea of ​​Ecotrimad come about?

I met Joaquín (Quino for friends) and Ramiro at 2008 through a good common friend, Nacho Cembellín who, apart from being a good sports photographer, trained triathlon and shared equipment (Emphorma Triathlon) with them.

We know that Ramiro, Joaquín and Antonio, are three profiles of very different athletes and professionals. If I gave you these three words, how would you describe each of them? Innovation, Dynamism and Realism…

Buuffff, let's see ...Joaquin He is the organizer, planner, who is aware of the details, is a coach and a good sportsman, knows very well what triathletes demand and is always looking for how to improve and change things, he would undoubtedly include him as an innovator / organizer.

Ramiro, makes the ideas and projects come true, drives, fights and moves all the pieces so that the objectives are achieved, also takes the marketing and financial aspects ... hehe, so it always makes us have our feet on the ground ... he would be realistic and make ideas come true.

Talking about me is more complicated ... hehe, I think it would be dynamism and operability, I can't stand up and I think that what my friends value in me is that they know that I am capable of solving any situation, with or without resources, and I am It is good to lead and motivate a team of people, I am optimistic, positive and of course everything that is outdoor is my natural environment.

First of all, and that is a key for us to continue working together in Ecotrimad and other projects, we are good friends, we respect each other as we are and although we discuss, we have fun and passionate about what we do.

Tell us, how was the first edition?

2011 !!!!!!!, an entire Adventure. The idea was forged in December of 2009, Joaquin proposed it to Ramiro and they to me. Keep in mind that we were the first medium distance triathlon in Madrid, many people did not believe we were able to get the permits to do so. The Community of Madrid and the Canal de Isabel II believed in our project and we were 1 year and a half working on it.

The day of the competition ... spectacular. The 500 triathletes who participated in that first edition will not forget it. We were about to cancel it. As we always say, after that Ecotrimad ... what they throw us out. The swimming with 28 degrees and sun began, at 2 hours, in the middle of the bike sector, an impressive spring storm fell, hail caused bruises to the triathletes, the temperature under 15 degrees and did not stop raining until I finished. The truth was epic, intense and very hard, not only for the participants. On the other hand, an experience that no one of those who were there will forget. As we say, as triathletes "I would be proud to have finished that triathlon." You can watch the videos of that year, I think they convey quite well what we live.

How is the day to day of an organizer one month before and one month after the test? Does it really take as much work to organize a triathlon as they say?

Yes, this triathletes don't know much about it, we organize short distance triathlons, mtb, duathlon and trail tests, and I can assure you that a medium / long distance triathlon multiplies the work to be done: Permits, Civil Guard, 100 minimum volunteers, supplies, Sanitary Services, Communication ... in short, we really work for Ecotrimad all year long, although with the experience and equipment we have we have more experience. The month before is usually crazy.

How do you think ECOTRIMAD differentiates other MD triathlons?

Easy…. its surroundings and layout, swimming and running through the walls of Buitrago and the bike through 4 swamps and mountains that are one of the natural jewels of Madrid. A demanding triathlon to do if you want to call yourself a triathlete, a different sporting experience. Ahhh, and this is very important because not many can assure you, a triathlon made by triathletes for triathletes, always trying to make the participants feel close, empathy and complicity.

What news have you incorporated this 2016?

This year we had to go once again to Ecotrimad. The calendar of medium and long distance triathlons is crazy, in my opinion, it is unsustainable, mainly because there is not enough demand, it is not normal for 14 Ironman tests to be organized in Spain. In 2011 when we started there was 3.

We have changed the race course again trying to sweeten it with 3 around the Riosequillo dam, so far we made 2, which makes the path more flat and entertaining, within its clear hardness. The bike, swimming, boxes and finish area remain the same.

This year, as the most important novelty, we will organize 2 Olympic distance tests. The first one without drafting, the 14 of May (1.900 mts swimming, a return to the bike circuit of 37,5 kms and 10 kms of race with a single return to the Riosequillo dam). We believe that this format, for the date and distances, is perfect as preparation and test for triathletes for medium and long distance competitions in which they compete between June and October.

On 15 Sunday, we organized the 4ª edition of Ecotrimad Sprint. What we have done for this 6ª edition of Ecotrimad is to include that day an Olympic distance test with drafting (2 swimming laps, 36 kms of bike and 10 kms of race.

If you had to describe ECOTRIMAD with three words, what would they be?

Let's say ideas, okay? Differential experience, unique environment and close treatment

Photo: Facebook Antonio de la Rosa

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