Antonio Serrat fifth in the Hamburg World Series

Today the first round of the circuit of the Triathlon World Series 2022 in the city of Hamburg.

The competition that has coincided with the dispute of the IRONMAN World Championship 70.3 and the Super League Triathlon has had several absences leaving the competition very open

The victory was contested in a tight sprint where the German Tim hellwig  been the first to cross the finish line in a time of 53:08 followed by Paul Georgenthum y Leo Bergere to 1 second.

Antonio Serrat has been fourth 4 seconds behind the winner

Check these top 10

Position First Name Last Name Country Time
1 Tim Hellwig  GER 0:53:08
2 Paul Georgenthum  FRA 0:53:08
3 Léo Bergere  FRA 0:53:09
4 Lasse Nygaard-Priester  GER 0:53:09
5 Antonio Serrat Seoane  ESP 0:53:12
6 Tom Richard  FRA 0:53:14
7 Charles Paquet  CAN 0:53:17
8 Vetle Bergsvik Thorn  NOR 0:53:22
9 Erwin Vanderplancke  BEL 0:53:24
10 Emil Holm  THE 0:53:25

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