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Antonio Serrat third in the European Cup of Gran Canaria

Today the Triathlon European Cup has been played in Gran Canaria where we have had 6 athletes in the TOP 10 

 The competition has been  first European international triathlon event of the year, where a cycle is opened in which the presence of Spanish athletes will be numerous in the Canary Islands as well as in Quarteira, Portugal and in Melilla on April 15.

The women's event was held at the 14: 15 while the men's at the 15: 45

In the men's test victory has been for the young British Barclay Izzard followed by Rostislav Pevtsov and for the Spanish Antonio Serrat third. Antonio Benito It has been 4º. Highlight the classification of Cesc Godoy that finished seventh, Jordi García tenth and Tarek Viñuelas the 15º.

Barclay Izzard crossed the finish line with a time of 56: 03 minutes, after having done his best to not weaken forces in the race segment on foot and to assert the advantage he had achieved on the last lap of the bike. Only 9 seconds later stopped the Azerbaijani Rotislav Pevtsov, who was about to repeat his triumph of the edition of 2017.

The Galician Antonio Serrat gave the joy to the Spanish army after hanging the bronze medal, with a time of 56 minutes and 14 seconds. Also joining the European top five was Antonio Benito from La Mancha, who finished fourth, followed by Briton Christopher Perham. Two more Spanish triathletes slipped into the top ten, Francesc Godoy, seventh, and Jordi García, tenth.

 The winner of the European test, Barclay Izzard made clear his potential by completing the 750 meters of swimming in 9 minutes and 30 seconds. The 20 kilometers of bicycle, the British made them in a minutes 30 and a second, while the last leg of 5 kilometers took 14 minutes and 54 seconds

Antonio Serrat Podium in Gran Canaria

Men's Classification

1 Barclay Izzard 00:56:03
2 Rostislav Pevtsov 00:56:12
3 Antonio Serrat Seoane 00:56:14
4 Antonio Benito Lopez 00:56:17
5 Christopher Perham 00:56:19
6 Alex Yee 00:56:21
7 Francesc Godoy
8 Jeremy Quindos 00:56:35
9 Adrien Briffod 00:56:42
10 Jordi García Gracia 00:56:46

Male Test Summary

In the women's event, the winner was Taylor Brown followed by Jodie Stimpson  and by Julie Derron occupying the third final position. Cecilia Santamaría has been 8th while  Anna Godoy ª 10  

Britain's Georgia Taylor-Brown stopped the clock with a time of 1:03:36, thus beating her compatriot and main favorite for gold Jodie Stimpson (1:03:43). The bronze went to the Swiss Julie Derron, who completed the three segments in 1 hour, 3 minutes and 46 seconds. The Danish Alberte Kjær Pedersen finished fourth (01:04:23), while the French Justine Guerard finished fifth (02.04.28).

Thus, the good classification of 2017 of the Spanish army could not be repeated, having as first classified in this edition Cecilia Santamaría in eighth place, with a time of 1:05:13, and Anna Godoy, closing the top ten with 1:05:32. The winner of this European Triathlon Cup, Georgia Taylor-Brown spent 11 minutes and 13 seconds to complete the 750 meters of the swimming segment. By bike, the Briton finished the 20 kilometers in 33 minutes and 24 seconds. To finish this sprint distance, it took Taylor-Brown 17 minutes and 4 seconds to complete the 5-kilometer run.

Men's Classification

1 Georgia Taylor-Brown 01:03:36
2 Jodie Stimpson 01:03:43
3 Julie Derron 01:03:46
4 Alberte Kjær Pedersen 01:04:23
5 Justine Gerard 01:04:40
6 Giorgia Priarone 01:05:11
7 Petra Kurikova 01:05:13
8 Cecilia Santa Maria
9 Anne Holm 01:05:16
10 Anna Godoy Contreras 01:05:32

Female Test Summary

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Photo: @triatlonsp / @omartricoach

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