Aquaman, New wetsuits for FETRI

Last Tuesday, March 29, the official presentation of AQUAMAN, sponsor of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, was made at the facilities of the High Performance Center (CAR), Madrid. In these facilities some of the triathletes of the Spanish Triathlon Selection, Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza and Zuriñe Rodríguez, among others.

The meeting was attended by Jose Hidalgo, President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, Alicia García, General Secretary of FETRI, Juan Rodríguez, Technical Director of FETRI and Oscar Monteverde on behalf of the prestigious brand of wetsuits AQUAMAN, among others.

During the event, the wetsuits were delivered to the triathletes, the model chosen for the official equipment was "CellGold", a Neoprene suit made 100% with Yamamoto Giga 40, which has a fabric that provides more flexibility and better buoyancy due to to the special gases used in their manufacture. In addition, it offers an incredible low overall weight of the suit.


CellGold by Aquaman incorporates inside the exclusive technology used in MetalCell for an optimal glide when putting on or taking off the suit, and it fits the body like a second skin.


Juan Rodríguez, Technical Director, made the official presentation of AQUAMAN to the triathletes, among his words he wanted to thank the sponsor for giving the opportunity for our athletes to wear a brand of recognized prestige such as AQUAMAN in their competitions.

For José Hidalgo, President of FETRI, having the support of a committed and leading brand in the sector is an opportunity to compete with a high quality guarantee in the kits. On the other hand, he had words of support and gratitude to the triathletes, wishing everyone good luck in this new season that is beginning.

Alicia García, General Secretary of the FETRI, who was part of the Technical Management team for several years and has also been a Triathlete and a Swimmer, recalled her first wetsuit, from the AQUAMAN brand. For Alicia García, being able to have a garment with many years of experience and recognized prestige in the world of swimming and triathlon, which continuously works on the research and development of new products, is an opportunity for our triathletes to participate in the tests with a high quality kit.

Oscar Monteverde, on behalf of the AQUAMAN brand, had words of thanks to the Spanish Triathlon Federation, for the dedication and ease of collaboration between both. He made an explanation about the advances in the development of the fabrics and asked the Triathletes for a commitment when transmitting their sensations in competition with this High-End “CellGold” Neoprene.

We all hope that this year, thanks to our team of triathletes and sponsors who offer us high-quality kits, it will be full of great successes.

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