Ashigh Gentle wins the PTO US Open with a spectacular comeback

Yesterday a new PTO Tour appointment was held in Dallas (USA) with the dispute of the U.S. Open female.

The competition that has featured some of the best triathletes of the moment it was quite a show.

The US Open was played on the distance of 100 km (2 km of swimming, 80 km of cycling and 18 km of running)

The first to come out of the water was Lucy Charles followed by Taylor Knibb a minute ahead of the chasing pack.

In the first kilometers of the cycling segment Knibb went ahead and added to a mechanical failure of Charles, he was taking more time.

In the middle of the segment the difference between them was almost 2 minutes, while behind there was a group of 4 Holly Lawrence, Paula Findlay, Flora Duffy and Lisa Norden, 3:03 from Knibb.

On arrival at T2 Knibb was almost 4 minutes ahead of Charles and 6 over the group of Findlay, Duffy, Lawrence and Norden.

Ashleigh Gentle, came in eighth position at T2.

From that moment on, with a great foot race, the Australian Gentle was climbing positions, reaching Charles at km 15 of the segment.

Knibb, who was leading, had several bad moments due to the heat, which forced her to go for sections on foot, which allowed Gentle to catch up.

Finally Ashleigh Gentle got the victory, and the second of the PTO Tour, with a time of 3:37:17. Taylor Knibb  was second (3:38:32) and Lucy Charles ( 3:40:31) third.

The Spanish Sara Pérez was 15th.

Gentle took victory with a race time of 1:04:59


Job title Name Time
1 Ashleigh Gentle  03:37:18
2 Taylor Knibb  03:38:33
3 Lucy Charles-Barclay  03:40:32
4 Holly Lawrence  03:43:38
5 Lisa Norden  03:44:50
6 Flora Duffy  03:45:18
7 Jocelyn McCauley  03:45:35
8 Rebecca Clarke  03:47:01
9 Katrina matthews  03:48:34
10 Paula Findlay  03:49:09
11 Ellie Salthouse  03:50:27
12 Lotte Wilms  03:51:26
13 Rachel McBride  03:51:56
14 Jackie Hering  03:52:14
15 Sara Perez Sala  03:52:57
16 Tamara jewett  03:53:16
17 Mollie Hebda  03:54:32
18 Lesley smith  03:55:47
19 Ruth Astle  03:57:40
20 Grace alexander  03:58:18
21 Lottie Lucas  04:02:02
22 Sarissa de vries  04:02:45
23 Imogen Simmonds  04:04:24
24 Grace thek  04:08:04

Today the men's test

Today the men's event of the US Open is disputed with the best triathletes of the PTO.

Where to watch the US Open in Dallas live? 

There are no previous results.

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