Bkool sells its roller business line

Bkool sells its roller business line to Versa Design to focus on its simulator

With this movement, the technology company Bkool search focus on 100% in the development of your ciclism simulatoro.

Versa Design, with extensive experience in industrial and electronic development, will market rollers and bicycles under the Zycle brand

With this movement, Bkool You will have the ability to focus on what has been and is the most important part of your business, your cycling simulator.

More than 250.000 users

With almost 100.000 active users in the last year and with more than 250.000 users in total, the Bkool simulator is a platform with cyclists from around the world, which upload content and participate in all kinds of virtual events.

Every year more users are pedaling in the Bkoo simulatorl with rollers of other brands, mainly Tacx, Wahoo, Elite and Saris.

Putting all your resources in software development, Bkool seeks to grow faster in his platformto give the best cycling simulation to any intelligent roller user. Of course, in the future he will continue working on the Zycle roller compatibility.

The development of this product is known by Versa Design, which for years has been a supplier of Bkool in industrial and electronic development both rollers and smart bicycles.

The objective of Versa Design is dump all your experience in product development to become a manufacturer and market under the Zycle brand (www.zycle.eu).

"For Bkool this agreement is essential to be able to focus on further developing the best cycling simulator in the market”, Says Wences Sevillano, CEO of Bkool. "We have more and more users who use rollers of other brands in our simulator.Our future as a company is to offer the best simulation experience, have the roller you have.

This agreement allows us to put all our effort into it, developing the best digital product for all types of cyclists" Juan Ramón Vadillo, founder of Versa Design, refers to this agreement sealed with Bkool: “We are excited about this new stage for our company.

Through Zycle, we will not only give continuity to the range of existing products, but we will reinforce it with new technological products, maintaining compatibility with Bkool and strengthening support with other simulators.

We will apply our industrial capacity to achieve the technical excellence of the product and thus satisfy the customer of today, increasingly demanding".

About Bkool:

Bkool (www.bkool.com) is a technology company that offers immersive solutions in sport.

With Bkool you have the training of the future, intelligent, always adapted to your level, at home, being able to run any route in the world in 3D accompanied by other cyclists connected from anywhere.

In addition, Bkool offers hundreds of fitness classes to be able to do classes with professional monitors from home.

About Zycle:

Zycle (www.zycle.eu) is the new commercial brand with which continuity will be given to the design, manufacture, supply and customer service of training rollers and fitness bicycles previously marketed by Bkool.

Zycle has the industrial and financial support of Versa Design, an electronic specialist who has technologically backed this product range for years

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