Calendar Arena Games Triathlon 2022

World triathlon y Super League Triathlon They have announced the venues for the Esport World Championships for this 2022.

The Arena Games is a new a concept of competition promoted by the Super League Triathlon, in the pandemic, when competitions could not be held.

The recent partnership they have made means that the Arena Games Triathlon will be bigger and better in 2022, with the return of London, Munich and the debut of the Grand Final in Singapore (7 May).

Union of the virtual with the competition

The fusion of reality and virtuality in racing provides a unique viewing experience that allows fans to feel closer to the best triathletes through the computer screen.

The event also offers esports fans and lovers of sports statistics the opportunity to enjoy live athlete data.

Originating in times of COVID, the Arena Games Triathlon become the future of indoor triathlon competitions.

Scoring for the World Ranking

Each event will contribute points towards the World Triathlon World Ranking and those who score the most points in these events throughout the series will receive the first esport world titles in Singapore.

Calendar Arena Games Triathlon 2022

This is the schedule of virtual competitions for this season

– April 9, 2022: Munich, Germany,
– April 23, 2022: London, United Kingdom.
– May 7, 2022: Grand Final in Singapore

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