Carlos López, candidate for victory at the IRONMAN in Lanzarote, reveals his most intimate secrets to be a champion

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Carlos López will participate in the Ironman Lanzarote this next Saturday

Next Saturday May 20 will take place in Lanzarote one of the toughest tests ofl IRONMAN European Tour 2017, in which 40 qualifying places are offered for the Triathlon World Championship. Carlos López, winner of last year's IRONMAN in Mallorca and Spanish long-distance triathlon champion in 2015/16, is already in the Canary Islands preparing his victory in this demanding test

However, between training and training, athlete of Skechers has found time to discover that he is a true IRONMAN not only in sport but also in life, telling us his secrets of champion and his facets as father, husband and brother

On May 13, the IRONMAN European Tour 2017 started in Alcudia, Mallorca, with the IRONMAN 70.3 competition, the inaugural test of a championship that will tour various towns in France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, England, Luxembourg, Denmark, Scotland, Sweden, Holland, Ireland, Wales, Croatia and Spain, wasting effort, emotion and strength, to the delight of true fans of the most demanding competitions. But, in addition to the Alcudia race, three other races will be held in our territory: the IRONMAN from Lanzarote on May 20 and the competitions to be held in the Barcelona town of Calella: an IRONMAN 70.3 on May 21 and an IRONMAN on October 1, closing this year's European tour, which has the model of Skechers GOrun 5 as an official sneaker.

However, it is the test of Lanzarote, which offers 40 slot for the Ironman World Championship, which is reputed to be more demanding, with a route and conditions only suitable for the toughest triathletes. The Skechers Athlete Carlos Lopez, Last year's winner of the Majorcan event and Spanish long-distance triathlon champion, he has decided to participate in this test with a single intention: get the victory in Lanzarote, where 3,8Km swim, 180,2Km by bike and 42,2Km running.

However, for this you must undergo a perfectly calculated preparation, since you must combine your work full-time with trainings, competitions and his family life as father, husband and brother.

The Skechers athlete, who already is in full concentration in Lanzarote, He has found time to open up and discover how he prepares to participate in this IRONMAN, and how the fight against himself, self-control, perseverance and family support are definitive when it comes to aspiring to victory. What for other athletes would be a hindrance, for the Catalan is an incentive that encourages him to swim, pedal and run with more force, with victory as the only objective.

And as he himself assures, the little details, whether related to nutrition, rest, visits to the 'physio' or choosing the best shoes, both for training and for testing, can make the difference between one and other competitors.

Skechers Performance, dedicated body and soul to improving the conditions of athletes with its highly technological footwear, will be by your side all weekend to encourage you to achieve your goal: win in Lanzarote, qualify for the World Cup and enjoy your Skechers GOrun 5, official shoe of the IRONMAN circuit, all over the world.


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