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Cesc Godoy and Sara Pérez Mediterranean Champions in Altafulla

Spain has achieved 2 silver and one bronze medal in the European Cup.

The town of Altafulla It has hosted an intense triathlon day. The town of the Costa Dorada continues with a firm step the journey that will take it to become the triathlon headquarters of the next Mediterranean Games to be held in Tarragona.

In the female category Sara Pérez has taken over the swimming segment, showing her dominance in this sector. A first third of the one he completed with a slight advantage over his top persecutors: Marta Sánchez, Désirée Gmür and Lea Duchampt went to the T1 a few meters from the Olympic swimmer in Athens 2004.

Pérez finished the first round of the hard cycling circuit with an advantage of 20 seconds over the rest of the adversaries. Halfway through the sector four triathletes have been at the front of the race, with Sara Pérez, Sánchez, Gmür and Charlotte Deldaele imposing a strong rhythm. The quartet has jointly agreed to the T2. A second transition of which Deldaele has led.

After the first 2, 5 km of the running route on foot, the Belgian and the Spanish duo have maintained the first positions, while the Swiss Gmür has been relegated from the front. The Belgian Deldaele has attacked in the final section, getting a small margin that has allowed him to head towards the finish line in the lead to proclaim himself winner with a time of 01: 07: 52. From behind they entered Sara Pérez y Marta Sánchez, in a tight final in which Pérez has won the silver medal and Sanchez has certified the Spanish double in third position.

Sara Pérez She has been proclaimed champion of the Mediterranean after completing a formidable performance in the municipality of Altafulla. A podium taken by the Spanish triathletes, with Marta Sánchez obtaining the subchampionship and Melina Alonso He has rounded off the podium by winning the bronze medal.

The male elite goes into action

Then came the turn for the male elite, in a very close competition from start to finish. Cesc Godoy has led the first 750 m swim in the stunning waters of the Mediterranean. A disputed segment, of which Briton Nathan Tweedie has come out in first position, followed a few meters by Godoy.

Immersed in the first round of the 20 km cyclists, Godoy with Kevin Tarek Viñuela have managed to distance themselves a few meters ahead of the pursuer group. The Spanish triathlete has exhibited a great level throughout the competition, occupying the top positions during the three sectors. Mediated the technical and demanding cyclist section, the chasing block has managed to link with the head to make a group of 18 triathletes.

Everything was to decide and the stretch of 5 km of race became determinant. In a spectacular outing of the T2, Simon de Cuyper has fired at the front of the race, with Godoy in his wake. After the first round, From Cuyper he has managed to open a gap and during the final 2,5 km he has continued to expand his advantage to take the win in a final time of 58: 01. A magnificent Cesc Godoy has crossed the finish line second, to 13 seconds of the winner and the Gaul Felix Duchampt He has come back in the last lap to reach the third place in play.

Cesc Godoy He has completed a brilliant performance crowned Mediterranean champion. A podium in which French Duchampt has risen with silver and a splendid Javier Lluch He has obtained the bronze medal, in an impressive final sprint.

Classifications European Cup

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