Challenge Madrid presents a new cycling circuit for the 2019 edition

San Martín de Valdeiglesias will be the exit of the 3ª Edition of Challenge Madrid, which will also include the medium distance. 

Challenge Madrid, In collaboration with the City of San Martín de Valdeiglesias, a town with great cultural richness and that appears surrounded by the vegetation of a wide valley, it presents a new circuit that will include the long and medium distance, which will be developed by the Sierra Oeste de the Community of Madrid and will maintain its goal in the 0 Km of the Puerta del Sol.

The swimming segment will be developed in the Beach of the New Virgin (also known as "the beach of Madrid"), which in 2018 was declared a Blue Flag, as a hallmark of the standards of clarity that the San Martín de Valdeiglesias City Council proposed and achieved. It is the first inland beach with a blue flag in the Community of Madrid.

Alfonso Rodríguez de Sadia, Race Director of Challenge Madrid, comments that: "After receiving many requests from triathletes since its launch in 2015, it has been designed a new cycling circuit which will allow include the average distance without changing the sign of identity of the test what is your goal in the 0 Km from the Puerta del Sol ".

María Luz Lastras, Mayor of San Martín de Valdeiglesias, highlights the importance for all the municipalities of the Sierra Oeste of Madrid to host this test: “Challengue Madrid is a proof of great international prestige. For San Martin de Valdeiglesias is a new opportunity to promote our municipality, inside and outside our borders and to promote economic development. The southwest of Madrid, perhaps is the great unknown of the region, but has a huge natural wealth that encourages all kinds of sports in nature, including water activities and water sports".

Juanan Fernández, director of Challenge Spain, also highlights the importance of this great change: "for us it was a priority task, we have a unique goal in the world, but today only within the reach of long distance triathletes. We are very happy to offer this opportunity to all mid-distance triathletes to cross the finish line at the 0 Km of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid". 

The date chosen by the organization for its celebration is the 29 September 2019. The new long distance cycling circuit will maintain the hardness in its layout with a positive height difference of 2.400 meters, while the medium distance route will only have 1.000 meters of positive height difference. 

The new circuits

Full Circuit (D + 2.400)

Half Circuit (D + 1.000)


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