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Challenge Madrid will be European Championship of LD Triathlon in 2018

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The European Long Distance Triathlon Championship in 2018 will be held at the Challenge Madrid on September 23

The European Triathlon Federation confirmed yesterday, January 8, that the European Long Distance Triathlon Championship will be held this year in Madrid in 2018, on September 23. And with the goal located in the heart of the capital of Spain, at Puerta del Sol itself.

El Challenge Madrid presents a relatively flat walking circuit, although theCycling segment will be more demanding It will require the effort of the triathletes in an environment of impressive views of the Sierra Norte of Madrid, with climbs to the ports of Canencia, Morcuera and Cotos with slopes of between 3 and 5%. The swimming area will be located 75 km from the city in a place surrounded by oak and pine forests and located in the Lozoya reservoir.

The 180 km route will pass through the following places: the starting line is located in the swimming facilities of Canal de Isabel II in Buitrago de Lozoya, passing Villavieja de Lozoya (km6), San Mamés (km 9,9), Gargantilla (km 13,7), Pueblo de Canencia (km 22,8), mountain pass Canencia (km 32,3), Miraflores de la Sierra (km 38,4), mountain pass Morcuera (km 49,1), Cold scraper (km 63,4), Paso de Preserves (km 79,9), mountain pass of Navacerrada (km 86,4), Fuente del Ventorrillo, El Dump, Valdemorillo, Villanueva de la Cañada, entrance to Madrid by the M-508 road, crossing Casa de Campo and arriving at Explanada del Rey in Madrid Río.

El T2 transition area will be established in Explanada del Rey in Madrid Río And this is where the final stretch of 42 kilometers on foot will begin. After leaving T2 at Explanada del Rey in Madrid Río, the route will continue towards the Manzanares river area. From there, a final ascent to the Cuesta de la Vega, which becomes Calle Mayor and then entrance to the Puerta del Sol where the goal will be located.

The “Kilometer Zero” is the place where all the main roads in Spain begin and thousands of thousands of spectators provide you with the experience of a lifetime as you almost flew across the finish line.

If you want more information you can check the Challenge Madrid website

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