Challenge Madrid closes registrations in the Half

The 600 squares have lasted 45 hours. 

In less than 48 hours from the opening of registrations, Challenge Madrid 2019 has closed registrations for Middle distance and has tripled the number of registered in the queen Long Distance test.

The organization announced at the end of the last edition of 2018 that would include a medium distance and that would also completely change the cycling circuit. The test in its fourth edition will depart San Martin de Valdeiglesias, a beautiful medieval village on the shores of the San Juan reservoir, which will allow the cycling circuit to be developed by the Western Sierra of the Community of Madrid, maintaining its goal in the 0 Km of the Puerta del Sol

Another of the great innovations presented by the renewed project of Challenge Madrid 2019 is the swimming segment, which will take place at the Playa de la Virgen Nueva (also known as "Playa de la Virgen Nueva").the beach of Madrid"), That in 2018 was declared Blue flag, as a hallmark of the standards of clarity that the City of San Martín de Valdeiglesias proposed and achieved. It is the first indoor beach with blue flag of the Community of Madrid.

Undoubtedly all these changes have been very positive and the avalanche of entries that has had Challenge Madrid 2019 in just 48 hours proves it. Alfonso Rodríguez de Sadia, Race Director of Challenge Madrid, comments that: "To speak in a language that surely all triathletes understand as great athletes that they are, during the 3 editions held all the team that makes up Challenge Madrid we have faced many obstacles to make this project a reality.

To tell the truth, this is something natural that constantly appears in our lives and that depending on our attitude we may or may not win. In the end, with strength and tenacity we succeeded. Challenge Madrid 2019 is a consolidated project thanks to you triathletes, but also thanks to the work and enthusiasm of the Madrid Triathlon Federation, clubs, volunteers, organization, sponsors, Civil Guard, Civil Protection, Local Police, Municipalities of the Community of Madrid , Public Administrations, Media, etc. Thank you all and I assure you that we will continue working and persevering so that this project is a benchmark worldwide.".

Juanan Fernández, director of Challenge Spain, also highlights this great result: "When Challenge Family takes control of the Madrid Triathlon KM0 is aware that the economic investment would be strong and that the economic results would be negative, but we were also aware that we were facing a project with a medium- to long-term future, ie a "medium and long distance" project.

Most athletes like us say that, at times, they encounter many obstacles before they win, they manage to win and succeed because they are not discouraged by their defeats, by their failures or by the difficulties they encounter to achieve success, they achieve it because they beat the obstacles and persevere before them. Today Challenge Madrid is a reality and also an example within the Challenge Family franchise. "



  • Date: 29 of September of 2019.
  • Place: San Martín de Valdeiglesias - Madrid
  • Distances: 3.8 m. - 180 km. - 42,195 km and 1.9 m. - 90 km. - 21,097 km

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