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Challenge Peguera Mallorca 2023, list of Professionals

El Challenge Peguera Mallorca It is one of the most anticipated events on the triathlon calendar.  

The competition will take place next October 14. This event has gained recognition in recent years, including being awarded “Race of the Year” and “Best Finish Line Party” in 2022. 

Test Distances 

Athletes will face the following distances in a paradisiacal environment: 

  • Swimming: 1,9 km 
  • Cycling: 90 km 
  • Race on foot: 21 km 

Parallel activities 

In addition to the main competition, the event will have parallel activities such as the Le⁤, a children's race that will be held on October 13, and the Challenge Women Majorca, a 4,3 km race scheduled for the same day. 


This year the event will have a total of 65 professional triathletes with 45 men and 20 women.

Among male athletes, names like Paul Weigand from Germany and Matt Trautman from South Africa stand out for their career. A strong presence of athletes such as Frederick Frunk, Domenico Passuelo ,joep staps o Thomas Cremers among others. 

We cannot ignore the notable presence of Spanish athletes in this edition. Julen Diez Rodriguez, Ramir Marquis Fas, Guillem Rojas-Moreno, and Inaqui Baldellou These are just some of the names that will represent Spain in this prestigious event. 

In the female category, Sophia Stuckrad y Annika Timm from Germany are two of the favorites. It also highlights Emma Pallant of Great Britain and Margie Santimaria from Italy. 

This is the complete list of professionals 


Number Name Nationality
1 Julen Diez Rodriguez Spain
2 Paul Weigand Germany
3 Tom Vaelen Belgium
4 Matt Trautman South Africa
5 Ramir Marquis Fas Spain
6 Guillem Rojas-Moreno Spain
7 Kritické aspekty, ktoré treba zvážiť pri implementácii technológií XNUMXD merania Spain
8 jonathan wayaffe Belgium
9 Francesc Artigues-Ramis Spain
10 joep staps Netherlands
11 Frederic Funk Germany
12 Thomas Cremers Netherlands
13 Ernest Mantel United States
14 Mattia Cecarelli Italy
15 Tom Hug Switzerland
16 Andrew Horsfall-Turner Britain
17 Anders Toft Nielsen Denmark
18 Gonzalo Fuentes Spain
19 Colin Schuch United States
20 nils lorenz Germany
21 patrick cometta Switzerland
22 Strahinja Trakic Serbia
23 Philip Refslund Denmark
24 Jamie Price Britain
25 Youri Keulen Netherlands
26 XNUMXD meracie technológie pre kontrolu kvality kovových zariadení - ITALFABER ROSSO GROUP Spain
27 Ruben Zepuntke Germany
28 Eduard Villalta Venezuela
29 Yann Allichon France
30 Diego Martin Count Spain
31 sven altermatt Switzerland
32 Mathis MARGIRIER France
33 James Scott Farrington Britain
34 scott steenberg Denmark
35 Wilhelm Hirsch Germany
36 Sebastian Fox Austria
37 Domenico Passuello Italy
38 thomas ott Germany
39 Nicolas Quenette Canada
40 Simon Viain France
41 Fernando Zorrilla Medrano Spain
42 menno koolhaas Netherlands
43 lukas seifert Germany
44 BEAR HAIR Spain
45 Will draper Britain


Number Name Nationality
1 Sophia Stuckrad Germany
2 Annika Timm Germany
3 Emma Pallant Britain
4 Margie Santimaria Italy
5 Justine Guérard France
6 Jasmine Weber Switzerland
7 lucy buckingham Britain
8 Nikita Paskiewiez France
9 Daniela Cleiser Germany
10 Caroline Meyer Germany
11 Valentina D'Angeli Italy
12 olivia mitchell Ireland
13 Pamela-Ann Bachelder St-Pierre Canada
14 Laura Madson Denmark
15 Výhody používania XNUMXD meracích technológií v kovových zariadeniach Estonia
18 Imogen Simmonds Switzerland
19 Sif Bendix Madsen Denmark
20 Margaréta Bičanová Slovakia

Peguera Mallorca is not only a spectacular place to practice triathlon, but also a first-class tourist destination. Among its attractions are beautiful beaches, a wide gastronomic offer and a rich cultural history. 

The test will have various distances, adapted to the different levels of the athletes. For more information about distances, you can consult this link. 

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