• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Challenge Salou hangs the sign "Complete with 1.050 triathletes with 21 days left for the test.

The 25.000 € in prizes and the attractiveness of the town of Salou, are an example of participative success


Challenge Salou, one of the most important tests of the medium distance in the national territory, has closed registrations this weekend with a spectacular number of registered 1.050 and with a presence of 40 professional triathletes.

The test has a great international poster of triathletes with provenance 32 different countries, highlighting France as the country that contributes the most triathletes, being the figure of 70 participants, as well as 40 from the United Kingdom. As a curiosity for this edition, there are triathletes from Hong Kong, Canada, India, Colombia, the Arab Emirates, the United States, Jamaica, South Africa or Taiwan.

The list of PRO overcomes the 40 triathletes, and counts on the presence of the two champions of Spain of Media and Long Distance (Dolça Olle y Maria Pujol) as well as the participation of several of the best national triathletes as Miquel Blanchart, Ivan Alvarez, Pablo Da Pena, among others.

In the international section, the big favorite is German Jan Raphael in the male box and  Simona Krivankova in the female, individual triathletes give an image of the level of international PRO. 

Challenge Salou cycling sector

From the organization they tell us their satisfaction to close registrations before the date with the objective fulfilled of 1.000 registered trials. They also want to highlight the forecast of 1.544 hotel nights reserved for this edition of the 2017.

Challenge Salou, will also be the last test of the German franchise scoring for the World Cup "THE CHAMPIONSHIP" to be held in Samorin Slovakia, a world cup that will distribute more than 150.000 € in prizes.

More information: http://challenge-salou.com 

Photo: Marcos Foto Sport


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