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Five arrested for simulating a hit and the subsequent theft of the bike. The cyclist belies what happened

The athlete denies the Civil Guard: «I have not been arrested»

We echo a statement that has published the magazine cycling in depth, which tells that an amateur cyclist and his four accomplices have been Arrested by the Civil Guard in Ciudad Real after having simulated to suffer a hit, not having received help and have suffered the stealing your bicycle.

The amateur cyclist JARB, 21 years, and his four accomplices have been detained by the Civil Guard in Ciudad Real within the framework of the operation "kiklos" after being accused of the crimes of simulation of the omission of the duty of relief and aggravated theft in relation to the denunciation of a supposed outrage when training in the province of Ciudad Real as reported by Europa Press.

The family of the amateur cyclist filed a complaint claiming that JARB had been hit by a truck that had fled and that his bicycle, valued between 10.000 and 11.000 € sEven those interested, had disappeared while he was wounded and unconscious in the road. The police quickly began an investigation that during the course of the investigation was uncovering that the facts denounced did not conform to reality.

The agents of the Traffic Research and Analysis Group confirmed that the cyclist suffered a serious fall that caused the fracture of the right clavicle, two ribs, a fissure in the humerus, in addition to having to undergo an operation to rebuild the elbow for lack of skin, but thator it occurred as a result of a run over nor was there a truck driver who fled the scene without helping him.

According to Europa Press, the Civil Guard has arrested the amateur cyclist JARB and four people more accused of having committed a crime of simulating the omission of help and aggravated theft, proceedings that have been sent to the Almagro investigating court. The cyclist was sub-23 racer of the Bicicletas Rodríguez Extremadura team

The cyclist denies the Civil Guard

The athlete denies the Civil Guard: «I have not been arrested»

The newspaper ABC publishes on its website a statement that it has received from the athlete

The cyclist said on Tuesday that "I have not been arrested" by the Civil Guard, which accused him of violating the principle of presumption of innocence by spreading this morning a press release on his case through the Government Delegation in Castilla -The Spot.

In a statement issued early this evening, the athlete replied that "the facts published are completely uncertain as a result of the information provided by the Civil Guard."

Ruiz said that "he ratified me in the events reported in the month of May of 2017 on the production of the accident that led to various serious consequences (fracture of the right clavicle, partial reconstruction of the elbow)."

He also explained that "a few weeks ago I received notification" to declare before the Civil Guard about the accident, which he did "voluntarily, so I have not been arrested."

He also clarified that he does not know the people who supposedly stole his bicycle or the reasons why they took it.

«Damage to my honor»

He stated that the case is in the investigation phase in a court in Almagro, from where he has not been summoned to declare "at any time, for which I do not know any formal accusation for the commission of any infraction".

Finally, the athlete said that "the news provided by the Civil Guard violates the principle of presumption of innocence", since, in the opinion of Jesús Alberto Ruiz, is given "as certain facts that in no case have been proven, taking into account especially the damage to my honor and professional reputation that have caused me ».

Statement from the lawyer of Jesus Alberto Ruiz


Photos: The team released this photograph of the cyclist after the accident -

Source: http://www.ciclismoafondo.es/noticias/noticias-del-sector/articulo/ciclista-amateur-detenido-simular-atropello-robo-bicicleta

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