• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

The cycling circuit of the Nutrisport Half Triathlon of Seville, cataloged from the best in Spain

A nearly 2 months for its conclusion and only 150 remaining places for the closing of registrations

One of the bastions of the Nutrisport Half Triathlon in Seville is its cycling circuit, that after 5 years of work is considered as one of the best in Spain by the great majority of its participants in surveys made on trial, at which time we have the most recent, by both Basic points in cycling: your safety and the attractiveness of the route.

In terms of road safety, a deployment of 350 auxiliaries of traffic, 40 motorcycles watching over the security of the corridor capsule in all its stretch, 80 agents of road safety, 4.000 cones to along 93km, 4 refreshment points with a total of 8.000 cycling boats distributed, or what is the same, more than 6.000 liters of water are just some of the logistics of this great event that give great success in the safety of it.

But it is that if a great security you add a great attraction, is what today makes us distinguish this evidence of the rest in spades. Why is our tour so attractive?

  • It goes through 7 localidades: The Algaba, La Rinconada, Salteras, Olivares, Gerena, Guillena and Seville.
  • Walk through 3 different regions of Seville, both for its orography and nature and landscape, which are: El Aljarafe, Vía de La Plata and the Guadalquivir region.
  • A unique round of 93km, where there is no possibility of drafting occurring.
  • 600m height gain, leaving the a-2m test above sea level and reaching a maximum level of 170m. These data mean that without a doubt it is the circuit par excellence called "TOBOGÁN". A fun circuit, perfect for riders or riders as well as for the strongest riders.
  • In this link or in the image you can see all the characteristics of the route: https://goo.gl/DzFSau

Half Triathlon cycling tour Seville

We remind you that your celebration date is the 7 April 2018, and the distances to cover will be those of an ironman medium. These are, 1.900m of swimming in the Guadalquivir River; 93km of cycling in a single round starting from the Isla de la Cartuja, the neuralgic center of Seville, and touring the towns of La Algaba, Salteras, Olivares, Gerena and Guillena; ending with 21km of running on foot through the city of Seville.

All the information you always need at www.triatlondesevilla.com already available in English and Spanish.

The Half Triathlon of Seville is organized by OF SPORT, in coordination with the Municipal Sports Institute of the Seville City Council and the Andalusian Triathlon Federation. Sponsor Nutrisport and Europa FM.

With the collaboration of the municipalities of La Algaba, La Rinconada, Salteras, Olivares, Gerena and Guillena. Mall Airesur, Coca Cola, Andalusia is Sport, Parque del Alamillo, Gymnasium and Credus Clinic and Barceló Renacimiento Hotel.

Photos: @FinidiBlanco

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