Published the Duathlon and Aquathlon circuits of the Ibiza 2023 Multisport World Championship

This year 2023 will be a historic year for the Spanish triathlon and one of the main focuses of attention and pistol shot as well as the start will undoubtedly be the Ibiza World Championship, which will take place from 29 7 April to May on the island.

The World Cup will start in the Ibizan town of Santa Eulalia with the Duathlon and Aquathlon events and here you can learn all the details of the routes of both world championships, as well as see the video of the circuit, and download the maps and tracks in KMZ and GPX files.


The Duathlon will have Elite, Sub 23, Junior, Sprint Age Group and Standard Age Group, Mixed Relay and Paratriathlon categories.

The foot races of the Duathlon World Championship will be fast and flat, but they will force the athlete to be very careful when turning or passing through the marina areas.

The runner will move most of the time in the promenade area by the sea with beautiful passages within the Marina Santa Eulalia port.

The finish line located in a garden area with water fountains on the main promenade of Santa Eulalia will be the culmination of this high-intensity event.

Cycling is very similar in characteristics in the different events of the Duathlon World Championship with a wide main road and good ground where the doubt will be more in the pinion than in the chainring.

In the direction of Ibiza the road will always go uphill, but when turning the athlete will undertake a rapid descent towards Santa Eulalia to turn around or enter the pit lane.

The cycling route has very few curves and an overpass, built specifically for the competition, above the roundabout at the entrance to Santa Eulalia that will give you excitement and great perspective.



The swimming of this test will be carried out in a circuit of 1 km to 1 lap where the swimmer will never lose sight of the sand, rock and posidonia bottom of the main beach of Santa Eulalia.

The spectator will be able to follow the entire test from the promenade, which will make it very visual.

The water temperature around 20 degrees makes it accessible to all levels of athlete. Nice transition located on the promenade in front of the swimming course.

The foot race of the Aquathlon World Championship will be a fast and flat race that will force the athlete to maintain a high pace 100% of the time in a promenade area next to the sea with steps of great beauty inside the port of Marina Santa Eulalia.

The finish line, common to the Duathlon event held throughout the first weekend, will be located on the main promenade of Santa Eulalia, being the culmination of this highly popular event that is not exempt from competitiveness.


Event PDF Tracks KMZ GPX tracks
Elite / Sub23 / Junior / Age groups and Paratriathlon

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